Man pages for SimInf
A Framework for Data-Driven Stochastic Disease Spread Simulations

boxplot-methodsBox Plots
C_code-methodsExtract the C code from an 'mparse' object
check_end_t_argCheck arguments for interval endpoints
check_gdata_argCheck arguments for 'gdata'
check_infectious_pressure_argCheck integer arguments
check_integer_argCheck integer arguments
distance_matrixCreate distance matrix
events-methodsExtract the events from a 'SimInf_model' object
events_SEIRScheduled events example data for the 'SEIR' model
events_SIRScheduled events example data for the 'SIR' model
events_SISeScheduled events example data for the 'SISe' model
events_SISe3Scheduled events example data
have_openmpIs OpenMP available
init-methodsInit a 'SimInf_mparse' object with data
is_wholenumberCheck if wholenumbers
mparseModel parser
nodesExample data with spatial distribution of nodes
package_skeleton-methodsDescribe your model in a logical way in R. 'mparse' creates a...
pairs-methodsScatterplot Matrices
plot-methodsPlot 'SimInf_events'
plot_SimInf_eventsPlot scheduled events
run-methodsRun the SimInf stochastic simulation algorithm
run_outer-methodsRun 'SimInf_model' on scaled parameters
SEIRCreate a SEIR model
SEIR-classClass '"SEIR"'
show-SimInf_events-methodBrief summary of 'SimInf_events'
show-SimInf_model-methodBrief summary of 'SimInf_model'
SimInfA Framework for Stochastic Disease Spread Simulations
SimInf_eventsCreate a '"SimInf_events"' object
SimInf_events-classClass '"SimInf_events"'
SimInf_modelCreate a 'SimInf_model'
SimInf_model-classClass '"SimInf_model"'
SimInf_mparse-classClass '"SimInf_mparse"'
SIRCreate a SIR model
SIR-classClass '"SIR"'
SISeCreate a SISe model
SISe3Create a SISe3 model
SISe3-classClass '"SISe3"'
SISe3_spCreate a SISe3_sp model
SISe3_sp-classClass '"SISe3_sp"'
SISe-classClass '"SISe"'
SISe_spCreate a 'SISe_sp' model
SISe_sp-classClass '"SISe_sp"'
summary-SimInf_events-methodSummary of 'SimInf_events'
summary-SimInf_model-methodSummary of 'SimInf_model'
u0_SEIRExample data to initialize the 'SEIR' model
u0_SIRExample data to initialize the 'SIR' model
u0_SISeExample data to initialize the 'SISe' model
u0_SISe3Example data to initialize a model
U-methodsExtract the number of individuals in each compartment
U_set-methodsSet a template for where to write the U result matrix
V-methodsExtract the continuous state variables
V_set-methodsSet a template for where to write the V result matrix
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