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Ranking of Pathogen Strains

DGobj-classClass '"DGobj"'
DGobj.rawdataConstruction of a DG object from raw data
DGobj.simul.mechanisticSimulation of a DG object under a mechanistic model
DGobj.simul.regressionSimulation of a DG object under a regression model
generation.alpha.3strainsGeneration of parameters for the simulations under the...
gmcpic.testFunction implementing the Generalized Monte Carlo plug-in...
PathogenCompositionMoryzaeChinaCompositions of Magnaporthe oryzae collected in China
PathogenCompositionMoryzaeMadagascarCompositions of Magnaporthe oryzae collected in Madagascar
PathogenCompositionPsyringaeCladesCompositions of Pseudomonas syringae at the clade resolution
PathogenCompositionPsyringaeHaplotypesCompositions of Pseudomonas syringae at the haplotype...
PathogenCompositionPsyringaePhylogroupsCompositions of Pseudomonas syringae at the phylogroup...
PathogenCompositionPtriticinaGalibierCompositions of Puccinia triticina in Galibier crops
PathogenCompositionPtriticinaKalangoCompositions of Puccinia triticina in Kalango crops
powderymildewDemographic and genetic real data
ranking.strainsMethod for ranking pathogen strains
StrainRanking-packageRanking of Pathogen Strains
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