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Provides access to documentation on outputs from the model which may be deployed as the basis for a sensitivity analysis using e2e_run_sens().


e2e_get_senscrit(id = "A")



Single character (in "") or integer value denoting the class or id of output criterion to be downloaded. Choose single value from 0:247 = unique criterion, A = All (default), L = Likelihood, M = Annual average mass, F = Annual integrated fluxes.


The function e2e_run_sens() performs a Morris Method sensitivity analysis on the model. The default criterion for assessing the model sensitivity is the likelihood of the observed target data set on the state of the ecosystem given each set of model drivers and parameters. However, a function argument allows other criteria to be chosen as the basis for the analysis from the list of annually averaged or integrated variables saved in the output objects:

The criterion is chosen by setting a value for the argument outID. The default outID=0 selects the likelihood of the observed target data. Other values in the range 1 to 247 select annualy averaged mass or annually integrated flux outputs. The function presented here provides a list of all the available outputs that may be used and their outID values.


screen display and dataframe of parameter documentation.

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    crit_list <- e2e_get_senscrit("M")   # Get a list of annual average mass criteria      
    crit_list <- e2e_get_senscrit("F")   # Get a list of annual integrated flux criteria
    crit_list <- e2e_get_senscrit(24)    # Get details of criteria matching id=24
    crit_list <- e2e_get_senscrit()      # Get a list of all available criteria

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