Man pages for TideHarmonics
Harmonic Analysis of Tides

BroomeSea-Level Data At Broome
CapeFergusonSea-Level Data At Cape Ferguson
coef.tideCoefficients For Tidal Object
DarwinSea-Level Data At Darwin
EsperanceSea-Level Data At Esperance
ftideFit Tidal Data
harmonicsTable Of All 409 Harmonic Constituents
hc114Names Of Commonly Used Harmonic Constituents
HillarysSea-Level Data At Hillarys
lambdasCalculates Astronomical Longitudes
nodal_adjCalculate nodal corrections.
plagtzConvert Phase Lag
plot.tidePlot Tidal Object
PortKemblaSea-Level Data At Port Kembla
PortlandSea-Level Data At Portland
predict.tidePredict The Tide Using Tidal Object
print.tidePrint Tidal Object
spdlunarSpeeds For Basic Astronomical Periods
ThevenardSea-Level Data At Thevenard
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