Sea-Level Data At Cape Ferguson


The CapeFerguson data frame has 26304 rows and 2 variables. It gives hourly sea-levels in metres (above Tide Gauge Zero) recorded by the tide gauge within the (UTC) years of 2012-2014. The sea-levels are in the second column. The first column is a POSIXct object giving the dates and times in UTC.

Cape Ferguson is one of the sites currently used for the Australian Baseline Sea-Level Monitoring Project (ABSLMP). Hourly data for these sites is available from the Australian Bureau of Meteorology.

To obtain the sea-level in AHD (Australian Height Datum), you will need to subtract 1.590 metres from the values given in the dataset.




This data frame contains the following columns:


A POSIXct object where times are in UTC.


The sea-level in metres above Tide Gauge Zero. Any missing or erroneous data points are set to NA.


Australian Bureau of Meteorology.

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