print.tide: Print Tidal Object

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Printing a tidal object.


## S3 method for class 'tide'
print(x, digits = max(3L, getOption("digits") - 3L), ...)



An object of class 'tide'.


Number of printed digits.


Not used.


A different features vector is printed based on whether the form factor is less than 0.5 (indicating a semi-diurnal site) or greater than or equal to 0.5 (indicating a diurnal or mixed semi-diurnal site). If the four harmonic constituents M2 S2 K1 O1 are not included in the fit, then the features vector cannot be calculated and is not printed.

Phase lags are always printed with respect to UTC. The utc argument of coef.tide can be used to produce phase lags for different time zones.


The tidal object is invisibly returned.

See Also

ftide, coef.tide


hfit1 <- ftide(Hillarys$SeaLevel, Hillarys$DateTime, hc60)
hfit2 <- ftide(Hillarys$Sea, Hillarys$Date, hc7, smsl=TRUE)

Example output

lm(formula = x ~ -1 + ., data = xmat, na.action = na.exclude)

Form Factor: 2.991049 

Features (Diurnal or Mixed):
     MLLW      MHLW       MSL      MLHW      MHHW 
0.4676174 0.5723951 0.8113304 1.0502657 1.1550435 

          amplitude   phase       sine        cosine    
K1         1.733e-01   1.973e+02  -5.147e-02  -1.655e-01
O1         1.181e-01   2.144e+02  -6.673e-02  -9.738e-02
Sa         9.930e-02   4.774e+01   7.350e-02   6.678e-02
P1         5.462e-02   1.903e+02  -9.720e-03  -5.375e-02
M2         5.239e-02   1.096e+02   4.936e-02  -1.757e-02
S2         4.501e-02   8.800e+01   4.498e-02   1.573e-03
Q1         2.956e-02   2.191e+02  -1.865e-02  -2.293e-02
Mf         2.300e-02   3.561e+02  -1.567e-03   2.294e-02
S1         2.223e-02   3.306e+02  -1.092e-02   1.936e-02
Ssa        1.998e-02   1.629e+02   5.862e-03  -1.910e-02
N2         1.582e-02   1.733e+02   1.833e-03  -1.571e-02
K2         1.398e-02   8.040e+01   1.378e-02   2.331e-03
Mm         1.073e-02   4.210e+01   7.196e-03   7.963e-03
J1         1.037e-02   2.058e+02  -4.523e-03  -9.337e-03
mu2        7.204e-03   1.682e+02   1.476e-03  -7.051e-03
MSf        6.632e-03   1.454e+02   3.766e-03  -5.458e-03
2Q1        5.091e-03   2.221e+02  -3.414e-03  -3.777e-03
rho1       4.946e-03   2.101e+02  -2.481e-03  -4.279e-03
M4         4.730e-03   2.686e+02  -4.729e-03  -1.124e-04
M1         4.728e-03   2.577e+02  -4.620e-03  -1.007e-03
2N2        4.488e-03   1.623e+02   1.366e-03  -4.275e-03
sig1       4.369e-03   2.239e+02  -3.028e-03  -3.149e-03
1S1k.3     4.187e-03   1.880e+02  -5.815e-04  -4.146e-03
phi1       4.004e-03   2.041e+02  -1.636e-03  -3.655e-03
1M1S.4     3.562e-03   3.195e+02  -2.315e-03   2.707e-03
L2         3.224e-03   7.157e+01   3.059e-03   1.019e-03
T2         3.214e-03   8.496e+01   3.202e-03   2.825e-04
pi1        3.203e-03   1.583e+02   1.186e-03  -2.975e-03
OO1        2.926e-03   2.115e+02  -1.530e-03  -2.494e-03
M3         2.552e-03   3.351e+02  -1.075e-03   2.315e-03
1M.1p1     2.537e-03   2.034e+02  -1.007e-03  -2.329e-03
the1       2.150e-03   1.751e+02   1.818e-04  -2.142e-03
1M1N.1S2   2.069e-03   1.529e+02   9.426e-04  -1.842e-03
1S.1o1     2.068e-03   2.371e+02  -1.737e-03  -1.123e-03
1M1N.4     1.720e-03   2.342e+02  -1.396e-03  -1.006e-03
nu2        1.715e-03   1.777e+02   6.774e-05  -1.714e-03
chi1       1.643e-03   1.640e+02   4.518e-04  -1.579e-03
lam2       1.516e-03   7.894e+01   1.488e-03   2.909e-04
psi1       1.488e-03   2.065e+02  -6.637e-04  -1.331e-03
1M1k.3     1.420e-03   2.494e+02  -1.329e-03  -5.005e-04
1M1o.3     1.203e-03   1.766e+02   7.126e-05  -1.200e-03
1M1K.4     1.061e-03   3.135e+02  -7.700e-04   7.298e-04
M6         1.003e-03   9.132e+01   1.003e-03  -2.310e-05
1k1j.2     9.816e-04   2.485e+02  -9.130e-04  -3.604e-04
S4         8.206e-04   2.562e+02  -7.970e-04  -1.957e-04
1o1p.2     7.511e-04   9.861e+01   7.426e-04  -1.125e-04
1S1o.3     7.233e-04   2.421e+02  -6.390e-04  -3.389e-04
1S1K.4     6.178e-04   3.552e+02  -5.119e-05   6.157e-04
1S1N.4     5.943e-04   3.198e+02  -3.839e-04   4.537e-04
1M1K.1S2   4.728e-04   2.021e+02  -1.775e-04  -4.382e-04
2M1N.6     4.564e-04   2.785e+01   2.132e-04   4.035e-04
2M1S.6     3.693e-04   1.740e+02   3.853e-05  -3.673e-04
2S.1M2     3.260e-04   3.177e+02  -2.193e-04   2.412e-04
1M1S.1N2   2.937e-04   2.796e+02  -2.896e-04   4.923e-05
1M1S1N.6   2.374e-04   7.091e+01   2.243e-04   7.762e-05
2M1K.6     1.883e-04   2.236e+02  -1.300e-04  -1.363e-04
R2         1.510e-04   5.277e+01   1.202e-04   9.136e-05
1o1q.2     1.308e-04   2.347e+02  -1.068e-04  -7.551e-05
2S1M.6     9.646e-05   2.971e+02  -8.586e-05   4.396e-05
1M1S1K.6   5.281e-05   3.579e+02  -1.976e-06   5.277e-05

lm(formula = x ~ -1 + ., data = xmat, na.action = na.exclude)

Form Factor: 2.990834 

Features (Diurnal or Mixed):
     MLLW      MHLW       MSL      MLHW      MHHW 
0.4672917 0.5720560 0.8108796 1.0497033 1.1544676 

    amplitude   phase       sine        cosine    
K1    0.173216  197.358105   -0.051678   -0.165327
O1    0.117990  214.371675   -0.066612   -0.097388
P1    0.054626  190.289438   -0.009757   -0.053747
M2    0.052382  109.620961    0.049341   -0.017590
S2    0.044984   87.978310    0.044956    0.001587
N2    0.015720  173.539053    0.001769   -0.015620
K2    0.014007   80.526441    0.013816    0.002306

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