Man pages for VDAP
Peptide Array Analysis Tools

aaDistPosition Independent Amino Acid Distributions
aaStructPositional Amino Acid Composition Calculations
AttribCalculate Peptide Length and Charge Attributes
DupsAverage duplicated peptides from a VDAP dataset
genPepPeptide generator based on the output of functions 'vComp' or...
hitSelSignal Based Hits Selection for VDAP
KdAPeptide Dissociation Rate Constant (Kd) Calculations
lcScanSignal or Kd Distributions separated by Length/Charge...
QCKdQuality Control of Peptides Based on Reproducibility and Kd
QConSubsetting for VDAP function QCKd
resSepSelect Peptides with the Specified Amino Acid Residue(s) at...
vCompAmino Acid Disbutions by Position at Various Length/Charge
vFormatLength/Charge/Kd Peptide Calculations and File Assembly
vMotifGenerate Signal Weighted Amino Acid Heat Maps by Position
vSepSelect Peptides of a Particular Length/Charge Combination
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