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Harvard University Numbers of Ladder Faculty by School and Ethnicity


A two-way table of counts; there are 14 schools and 5 race/ethnicities.




The format is: chr "huse"


Ladder faculty members of Harvard University are cross-classified by their school and their race/ethnicity. This was for the period 2010–1. Ladder Faculty are defined as Assistant Professors or Convertible Instructors, Associate Professors, and Professors that have been appointed in certain Schools.

Abbreviations: FAS = Faculty of Arts and Sciences = Humanities + Social Sciences + Natural Sciences + SEAS, Natural Sciences = Life Sciences + Physical Sciences, SEAS = School of Engineering and Applied Sciences, HBS = Harvard Business School, HMS = Harvard Medical School, HSPH = Harvard School of Public Health, HLS = Harvard Law School, HKS = Harvard Kennedy School, HGSE = Harvard Graduate School of Education, GSD = Graduate School of Design , HDS = Harvard Divinity School, HSDM = Harvard School of Dental Medicine.

See the URL below for many technical details supporting the data. The table was constructed from pp.31–2 from the source.



Harvard University Office of the Senior Vice Provost Faculty Development and Diversity: 2010 Annual Report.

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