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Personal data of the executed pirates associated with Bartholomew Roberts


The age, names and habitation of 52 pirates who were found guilty of piracy and executed, after the ships associated with Bartholomew Roberts were captured.




A data frame with the following 3 variables.


a numeric vector, their age in years at the time of trial. Bartholomew Roberts himself was 39 years old at his death.






According to Wiki, in February 1722 Captain Ogle was sent by the British Government to find and capture the notorious pirate Bartholomew Roberts (real name: John Roberts, but also known later as Black Bart). When his warship caught up with the Royal Fortune he attacked and Bartholomew Roberts was the first to fall, followed by 2 others. The remaining pirates surrendered soon afterwards. A total of 272 men were captured, and of these, 65 were black, and they were sold into slavery. The remainder were taken to Cape Coast Castle, apart from those who died on the voyage back. The trial was held in April, 1722, and 54 were condemned to death, of whom 52 were hanged and two were reprieved. Of those executed, their personal data (name, age, habitation) were recorded.


Pages 248–249 of Johnson, Captain Charles, (1955) (Editor: Arthur L. Hayward). A General History of the Robberies and Murders of the Most Notorious Pirates, London: Routledge and Kegan Paul Ltd. This edition was first published in 1926. The earliest manuscript of the book dates back to 1724.

This data was entered into R by Lucia Pilleri.

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