Man pages for VGAMdata
Data Supporting the 'VGAM' Package

airbnb.acAirbnb Accommodation in Two Sardinian Cities
bb.deBattle of Britain Data (a Luftwaffe subset)
bd.usBirths and Deaths of 348 Notable Americans
belcapBELCAP Dental Data
bellffBell Distribution Family Function
bellUCThe Bell Distribution
bigamma.mckayBivariate Gamma: McKay's Distribution
covid19nzCOVID-19 in New Zealand: The First Month or So
crashf.auFatal Crashes on Australian Roads 2010-2012
crime.usEstimated Crime in 2009 in USA
DeLuryDeLury's Method for Population Size Estimation
ecbitItalian Household Data for 2006 and 2014
exam1Examination data
flamingoFlamingo Hotel in Sardinia
genpoissonGeneralized Poisson Regression
huedHarvard University Degrees Conferred by Student Ethnicity
huieHarvard University International Enrollments
huseHarvard University Numbers of Ladder Faculty by School and...
mbfloodMadawask Basin Flood Data
notdocumentedyetUndocumented Data Sets
oalogOne-Altered Logarithmic Distribution
oalogUCOne-Altered Logarithmic Distribution
oapospoissonOne-Altered Positive-Poisson Distribution
oapospoisUCOne-Altered Logarithmic Distribution
oazetaOne-Altered Zeta Distribution
oazetaUCOne-Altered Logarithmic Distribution
oilogOne-inflated Logarithmic Distribution Family Function
oilogUCOne-Inflated Logarithmic Distribution
oiposbinomialOne-Inflated Positive Binomial Distribution Family Function
oiposbinomUCOne-Inflated Positive Binomial Distribution
oipospoissonOne-inflated Positive Poisson Distribution Family Function
oipospoisUCOne-Inflated Positive Poisson Distribution
oizetaOne-inflated Zeta Distribution Family Function
oizetaUCOne-Inflated Zeta Distribution
oizipfOne-inflated Zipf Distribution Family Function
oizipfUCOne-Inflated Zipf Distribution
oly122012 Summer Olympics: Individuals Data
otlogOne-truncated Logarithmic Distribution
otlogUCOne-truncated Logarithmic Distribution
otpospoissonOne-truncated Poisson Distribution
otpospoisUCOne-truncated Positive-Poisson Distribution
otzetaOne-truncated Zeta Distribution Family Function
otzetaUCOne-truncated Zeta Distribution
pirates1Personal data of the executed pirates associated with...
pirates2Personal data of the crew of the ship Ranger, associated with...
posbinomUCPositive-Binomial Distribution
posnegbinUCPositive-Negative Binomial Distribution
pospoisUCPositive-Poisson Distribution
prison.usUS Prison Data
profs.nzProfessors of Statistics in New Zealand
rar.dfRock and Roll and Life Expectancy
rugbyWins, Losses and Draws Between the Top 10 Rugby Teams
SardiniaHotelsData from hotels in Sardinia, Italy
smqPSmoking Data in the NHANES 2017-2020 Cycle
students.twTaiwanese students answer a multiple response question
tikuvShort-tailed Symmetric Distribution Family Function
tikuvUCA Short-tailed Symmetric Distribution
trapOTrout Data at the Te Whaiau Trap on Lake Otamangakau
tube10London Underground (Tube) Passenger Counts for November 2010
ugssUndergraduate Statistics Students Lifestyle Questionnaire
VGAMdata-packageMainly Data for the VGAM package
vtinpatVermont Hospital Inpatient Data
wffc2008 World Fly Fishing Championships Data
wffc.indiv2008 World Fly Fishing Championships (Individual results)...
wffc.nc2008 World Fly Fishing Championships (Number of captures)...
wffc.P2starPoint System for the 2008 World Fly Fishing Championships
wffc.teams2008 World Fly Fishing Championships (Team results) Data
xs.nzCross-sectional Data from the New Zealand Population
yip88Zero-Inflated Poisson Distribution (Yip (1988) algorithm)
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