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Personal data of the crew of the ship Ranger, associated with the pirate Edward Low


A data frame containing the age, name, birthplace and verdict of 35 members of a pirate ship associated with Edward Low, who were taken to trial on 10th to 12th July, 1723.




The variables age and name are analagous to pirates1. The variable guilty is binary and 1 means yes, 0 means not guilty. Guilty crew members were executed except for two: John Brown and Patrick Cunningham; they were respited for one year and recommended to the King's favour.


Starting on the 10th July, 1723, the crew of the Ranger were judged. The captain of the ship was Charles Harris, and this ship was one of two pirate ships under Captain Edward Low. Their personal data (name, age, place of birth) and verdicts are recorded in Johnson (1955). This data was constructed from pp.295–296 of that book and includes those who were not found guilty (and therefore were not executed). The execution of the 25 men were performed on 19 July near Newport, Rhode Island, USA. The notorious pirate Edward Low himself was brought to trial in 1724 under different circumstances and was hanged in Martinique.


Same as pirates1. This data was entered into R by Lucia Pilleri.

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