Man pages for XLConnect
Excel Connector for R

addImage-methodsAdding images to a worksheet
appendNamedRegion-methodsAppending data to a named region
appendWorksheet-methodsAppending data to worksheets
arefConstructing Excel area references
aref2idxConverting Excel cell references to row and column based cell...
cellstyle-classClass "cellstyle"
clearNamedRegion-methodsClearing named regions in a workbook
clearRangeFromReference-methodsClearing cell ranges in a workbook
clearRange-methodsClearing cell ranges in a workbook
clearSheet-methodsClearing worksheets in a workbook
cloneSheet-methodsCloning/copying worksheets
col2idxConverting Excel column names to indices
createCellStyle-methodsCreating custom named and anonymous cell styles
createFreezePane-methodsCreating a freeze pane on a worksheet
createName-methodsCreating names in a workbook
createSheet-methodsCreating worksheets in a workbook
createSplitPane-methodsCreating a split pane on a worksheet
cref2idxConverting Excel cell references to indices
dollar-methodsExecuting workbook methods in object$method(...) form
existsCellStyle-methodsRetrieving named cell styles
existsName-methodsChecking existence of names in a workbook
existsSheet-methodsChecking for existence of worksheets in a workbook
extraction-methodsWorkbook data extraction & replacement operators
extractSheetNameExtracting the sheet name from a formula
getActiveSheetIndex-methodsQuerying the active worksheet index
getActiveSheetName-methodsQuerying the active worksheet name
getBoundingBox-methodsQuerying the coordinates of a worksheet bounding box
getCellFormula-methodsRetrieving formula definitions from cells
getCellStyleForType-methodsQuerying the cell style per data type for the DATATYPE style...
getCellStyle-methodsRetrieving named cell styles
getDefinedNames-methodsRetrieving defined names in a workbook
getForceFormulaRecalculation-methodsQuerying the coordinates of the range reference by an Excel...
getLastColumn-methodsQuerying the last (non-empty) column on a worksheet
getLastRow-methodsQuerying the last (non-empty) row on a worksheet
getOrCreateCellStyle-methodsRetrieving or creating named cell styles
getReferenceCoordinatesForName-methodsQuerying the coordinates of the range reference by an Excel...
getReferenceCoordinatesForTable-methodsQuerying the coordinates of the range of an Excel table
getReferenceCoordinates-methodsQuerying the coordinates of the range reference by an Excel...
getReferenceFormula-methodsQuerying reference formulas of Excel names
getSheetPos-methodsQuerying worksheet position
getSheets-methodsQuerying available worksheets in a workbook
getTables-methodsQuerying available Excel tables in a workbook
hideSheet-methodsHiding worksheets in a workbook
idx2arefConverting row and column based area references to Excel area...
idx2colConverting column indices to Excel column names
idx2crefConverting indices to Excel cell references
isSheetHidden-methodsChecking if worksheets are hidden in a workbook
isSheetVeryHidden-methodsChecking if worksheets are very hidden in a workbook
isSheetVisible-methodsChecking if worksheets are visible in a workbook
jTryCatchStandard Java exception handling for XLConnect
loadWorkbookLoading Microsoft Excel workbooks
mergeCells-methodsMerging cells
miraiMirai Solutions GmbH
normalizeDataframeData frame Normalization for Unit Tests
onErrorCell-methodsBehavior when error cells are detected
print-methodsPrint a workbook's filename
readNamedRegionFromFileReading named regions from an Excel file (wrapper function)
readNamedRegion-methodsReading named regions from a workbook
readTable-methodsReading Excel tables from a workbook
readWorksheetFromFileReading data from worksheets in an Excel file (wrapper...
readWorksheet-methodsReading data from worksheets
removeName-methodsRemoving names from workbooks
removePane-methodsRemoving panes from worksheet
removeSheet-methodsRemoving worksheets from workbooks
renameSheet-methodsRenaming worksheets from workbooks
saveWorkbook-methodsSaving Microsoft Excel workbooks
setActiveSheet-methodsSetting the active worksheet in a workbook
setAutoFilter-methodsSetting auto-filters on worksheets
setBorder-methodsSpecifying borders for cell styles
setCellFormula-methodsSetting cell formulas
setCellStyleForType-methodsSetting the cell style per data type for the DATATYPE style...
setCellStyle-methodsSetting cell styles
setColumnWidth-methodsSetting the width of a column in a worksheet
setDataFormatForType-methodsSetting the data format for the DATA_FORMAT_ONLY style action
setDataFormat-methodsSpecifying custom data formats for cell styles
setFillBackgroundColor-methodsSpecifying the fill background color for cell styles
setFillForegroundColor-methodsSpecifying the fill foreground color for cell styles
setFillPattern-methodsSpecifying the fill pattern for cell styles
setForceFormulaRecalculation-methodsForcing Excel to recalculate formula values when opening a...
setHyperlink-methodsSetting hyperlinks
setMissingValue-methodsSetting missing value identifiers
setRowHeight-methodsSetting the height of a row in a worksheet
setSheetColor-methodsSetting colors on worksheet tabs
setSheetPos-methodsSetting worksheet position
setStyleAction-methodsControlling application of cell styles when writing data to...
setStyleNamePrefix-methodsSetting the style name prefix for the "name prefix" style...
setWrapText-methodsSpecifying text wrapping behaviour
show-methodsDisplay a workbook object
summary-methodsSummarizing workbook objects
swissfrancHistorical Exchange Rates: CHF vs EUR, USD and GBP
unhideSheet-methodsUnhiding worksheets in a workbook
unmergeCells-methodsUnmerging cells
with.workbookEvaluate an R expression in a workbook environment
workbook-classClass "workbook"
wrapListWrapping of arguments in a list
writeNamedRegion-methodsWriting named regions to a workbook
writeNamedRegionToFileWriting named regions to an Excel file (wrapper function)
writeWorksheet-methodsWriting data to worksheets
writeWorksheetToFileWriting data to worksheets in an Excel file (wrapper...
XLCXLConnect Constants
xlcCallAutomatic argument vectorization, default Java exception and...
xlcDumpDumping data sets to Excel files
xlcEditEditing data sets in an Excel file editor
xlcFreeMemoryFreeing Java Virtual Machine memory
xlcMemoryReportReporting free Java Virtual Machine memory
XLConnect-deprecatedDeprecated functions in package 'XLConnect'
XLConnect-packageExcel Connector for R
XLConnectSettingsPerforming general settings for XLConnect
xlcRestoreRestoring objects from Excel files
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