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Performs automatic argument vectorization, provides default Java exception and warnings handling for XLConnect.


xlcCall(obj, fun, ..., .recycle = TRUE, .simplify = TRUE)



XLConnect S4 object (e.g workbook, cellstyle) which has a slot jobj representing a rJava jobjRef object whose method represented by the argument fun should be called.


Name of Java method to be called.


Arguments to the Java method to be called.


If TRUE (default), arguments passed through ... will be automatically vectorized using mapply and fun will be called the appropriate amount of times. If FALSE, no vectorization will take place in R and fun will be called once only. This may be used to implement vectorization on the Java side.


Only relevant if .recycle = TRUE. Argument to internal mapply to set if there should be an attempt to reduce the result to a vector or matrix.


This function makes use of mapply to perform automatic argument vectorization. Non-atomic arguments are wrapped in a list using wrapList first. The list of the resulting arguments is then being vectorized using mapply before the specified function is being called. The function call is wrapped with jTryCatch to catch Java exceptions. Further, any warnings are retrieved from the Java side and are logged via R's standard warning mechanism.


Result of the specified function by calling it with the vectorized argument list.


Martin Studer
Mirai Solutions GmbH https://mirai-solutions.ch

See Also

wrapList, jTryCatch

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