snp: A simulated example in population genetics

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The simulated example of population genetics with SNP loci used in Pudlo et al. (2016): snp contains the reference table on which to perform ABC model choice, it also contains the simulated parameters to perform regression random forest. snp.obs contains two pseudo-observed data sets. The first one (favorable) should be easily allocated to a model, while that is not the case for the second one (unfavorable).




snp is a list containing an ABC reference table of 10,000 simulations from a Bayesian prior predictive model (see Pudlo et al., 2016, for a description of the model choice issue). The first element, named modindex is a factor containing the model indices, the second element, param, is a data frame with seven simulated parameters. The last element of this list, named sumsta, contains the reference table on which to perform ABC model choice and parameter estimation.

snp.obs is a data frame containing the summary statistics of two pseudo-observed data sets.


Pudlo, P., Marin, J.-M., Estoup, A., Cornuet, J.-M., Gautier, M. and Robert, C.P. (2016) Reliable ABC model choice via random forests Bioinformatics



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