Man pages for adephylo
Exploratory Analyses for the Phylogenetic Comparative Method

abouheifAbouheif's test based on Moran's I
adephylo-packageThe adephylo package
bullseyeFan-like phylogeny with possible representation of traits on...
carni19Phylogeny and quantative trait of carnivora
carni70Phylogeny and quantitative traits of carnivora
dibasDIstance-Based Assignment
distRootCompute the distance of tips to the root
distTipsCompute some phylogenetic distance between tips
listDDList direct descendants for all nodes of a tree
listTipsList tips descendings from all nodes of a tree
lizardsPhylogeny and quantitative traits of lizards
maplesPhylogeny and quantitative traits of flowers
miscUtilsLow-level auxiliary functions for adephylo
mjrochetPhylogeny and quantitative traits of teleos fishes
moranIdxComputes Moran's index for a variable
orthobasisComputes Moran's eigenvectors from a tree or a phylogenetic...
orthogramOrthonormal decomposition of variance
palmPhylogenetic and quantitative traits of amazonian palm trees
ppcaPhylogenetic principal component analysis
procellaPhylogeny and quantitative traits of birds
proxTipsCompute some phylogenetic proximities between tips
sp.tipsFind the shortest path between tips of a tree
table.phylo4dGraphical display of phylogeny and traits
tithoniaPhylogeny and quantitative traits of flowers
treePartDefine partitions of tips according from a tree
ungulatesPhylogeny and quantitative traits of ungulates.
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