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Multivariate Multiscale Spatial Analysis

aemConstruct asymmetric eigenvector maps (AEM) a site-by-edge binary matrix
aem.timeAEM for time series
aem.weight.edgesWeight edges when constructing AEM variables
bacProdxyBacterial production data set
beta.divBeta diversity computed as Var(Y)
beta.div.compDecompose D in replacement and richness difference components
chooseCNFunction to choose a connection network
CperiodogramContingency periodogram
create.dbMEM.modelCombine dbMEM matrices corresponding to groups of sites
createlistwInteractive tool to generate R code that creates a spatial...
dbmemdbMEM spatial eigenfunctions
dist.ldcDissimilarity matrices for community composition data
forward.selForward selection with multivariate Y using permutation under...
forward.sel.parParametric forward selection of explanatory variables in...
give.threshCompute the maximum distance of the minimum spanning tree...
global.rtestGlobal and local tests
LCBD.compCompute LCBD from any D matrix
mastigoucheMastigouche Lake network data set
memFunction to compute and manage Moran's Eigenvector Maps (MEM)...
mfpaMulti-frequential periodogram analysis
moran.boundsFunction to compute extreme values of Moran's I
moranNP.randtestFunction to compute positive and negative parts of Moran's...
moran.randtestFunction to compute Moran's index of spatial autocorrelation
mspaMulti-Scale Pattern Analysis
msrMoran spectral randomization
msr.4thcornerMoran spectral randomization for fourth-corner analysis
msr.mantelrtestMoran spectral randomization for Mantel test
msr.varipartMoran spectral randomization for variation partitioning
mst.nbFunction to compute neighborhood based on the minimum...
multispatiMultivariate spatial analysis
ortho.AICCompute AIC for models with orthonormal explanatory variables
orthobasis.polyFunction to compute polynomial of geographical coordinates
plot.orthobasisSpFunction to display Moran's Eigenvector Maps (MEM) and other...
rotationRotate a set of point by a certain angle
scalogramFunction to compute a scalogram
stimodelsSpace-time interaction in ANOVA without replication
test.WFunction to compute and test eigenvectors of spatial...
trichopteraTrichoptera data set
variogmultivFunction to compute multivariate empirical variogram
WRperiodogramWhittaker-Robinson periodogram
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