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Integration to 'Apache' 'Arrow'

aceroFunctions available in Arrow dplyr queries
add_filenameAdd the data filename as a column
arrayArrow Arrays
ArrayDataArrayData class
arrow_infoReport information on the package's capabilities
arrow-packagearrow: Integration to 'Apache' 'Arrow'
as_arrow_arrayConvert an object to an Arrow Array
as_arrow_tableConvert an object to an Arrow Table
as_chunked_arrayConvert an object to an Arrow ChunkedArray
as_data_typeConvert an object to an Arrow DataType
as_record_batchConvert an object to an Arrow RecordBatch
as_record_batch_readerConvert an object to an Arrow RecordBatchReader
as_schemaConvert an object to an Arrow DataType
bufferBuffer class
call_functionCall an Arrow compute function
castChange the type of an array or column
cast_optionsCast options
ChunkedArrayChunkedArray class
CodecCompression Codec class
codec_is_availableCheck whether a compression codec is available
compressionCompressed stream classes
concat_arraysConcatenate zero or more Arrays
concat_tablesConcatenate one or more Tables
contains_regexDoes this string contain regex metacharacters?
copy_filesCopy files between FileSystems
cpu_countManage the global CPU thread pool in libarrow
create_package_with_all_dependenciesCreate a source bundle that includes all thirdparty...
CsvReadOptionsFile reader options
CsvTableReaderArrow CSV and JSON table reader classes
DatasetMulti-file datasets
dataset_factoryCreate a DatasetFactory
data-typeApache Arrow data types
DataTypeclass arrow::DataType
default_memory_poolArrow's default MemoryPool
dictionaryCreate a dictionary type
DictionaryTypeclass DictionaryType
enumsArrow enums
ExpressionArrow expressions
ExtensionArrayclass arrow::ExtensionArray
ExtensionTypeclass arrow::ExtensionType
FeatherReaderFeatherReader class
FieldField class
FileFormatDataset file formats
FileInfoFileSystem entry info
FileSelectorfile selector
FileSystemFileSystem classes
FileWriteOptionsFormat-specific write options
FixedWidthTypeclass arrow::FixedWidthType
flight_connectConnect to a Flight server
flight_disconnectExplicitly close a Flight client
flight_getGet data from a Flight server
flight_putSend data to a Flight server
FragmentScanOptionsFormat-specific scan options
get_stringr_pattern_optionsGet 'stringr' pattern options
gs_bucketConnect to a Google Cloud Storage (GCS) bucket
hive_partitionConstruct Hive partitioning
infer_typeInfer the arrow Array type from an R object
InputStreamInputStream classes
install_arrowInstall or upgrade the Arrow library
install_pyarrowInstall pyarrow for use with reticulate
io_thread_countManage the global I/O thread pool in libarrow
list_compute_functionsList available Arrow C++ compute functions
list_flightsSee available resources on a Flight server
load_flight_serverLoad a Python Flight server
make_readable_fileHandle a range of possible input sources
map_batchesApply a function to a stream of RecordBatches
match_arrow'match' and '%in%' for Arrow objects
MemoryPoolclass arrow::MemoryPool
Messageclass arrow::Message
MessageReaderclass arrow::MessageReader
mmap_createCreate a new read/write memory mapped file of a given size
mmap_openOpen a memory mapped file
new_extension_typeExtension types
open_datasetOpen a multi-file dataset
OutputStreamOutputStream classes
ParquetArrowReaderPropertiesParquetArrowReaderProperties class
ParquetFileReaderParquetFileReader class
ParquetFileWriterParquetFileWriter class
ParquetWriterPropertiesParquetWriterProperties class
PartitioningDefine Partitioning for a Dataset
read_delim_arrowRead a CSV or other delimited file with Arrow
read_featherRead a Feather file (an Arrow IPC file)
read_ipc_streamRead Arrow IPC stream format
read_json_arrowRead a JSON file
read_messageRead a Message from a stream
read_parquetRead a Parquet file
read_schemaread a Schema from a stream
RecordBatchRecordBatch class
RecordBatchReaderRecordBatchReader classes
RecordBatchWriterRecordBatchWriter classes
recycle_scalarsRecycle scalar values in a list of arrays
reexportsObjects exported from other packages
register_bindingRegister compute bindings
register_scalar_functionRegister user-defined functions
repeat_value_as_arrayTake an object of length 1 and repeat it.
s3_bucketConnect to an AWS S3 bucket
ScalarArrow scalars
ScannerScan the contents of a dataset
SchemaSchema class
show_exec_planShow the details of an Arrow Execution Plan
TableTable class
to_arrowCreate an Arrow object from others
to_duckdbCreate a (virtual) DuckDB table from an Arrow object
unify_schemasCombine and harmonize schemas
value_counts'table' for Arrow objects
vctrs_extension_arrayExtension type for generic typed vectors
write_csv_arrowWrite CSV file to disk
write_datasetWrite a dataset
write_featherWrite a Feather file (an Arrow IPC file)
write_ipc_streamWrite Arrow IPC stream format
write_parquetWrite Parquet file to disk
write_to_rawWrite Arrow data to a raw vector
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