membership.plot: Make a membership probability plot using results from K-fold...

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This function allows you to make a membership probability plot (stacked-bar plot) using results estimated from K-fold cross-validation.


membership.plot(dir = NULL, style = NULL, non.genetic = FALSE)



A character string to specify the folder that has your K-fold cross-validation assignment results. A slash should be entered at the end.


An option for output style. If style=1, it creates the plot which individuals on the x-axis are in random order. If style=2, individuals are sorted by probabilities within each population. If style=3, individuals of different folds are in seperate plots. If style=4, individuals are separated by fold and sorted by probability.


A logical variable to specify if data are non-genetic. Set it TRUE if you're analyzing non-genetic alone.


This function returns a stacked-bar plot using the ggplot2 library. Users can modified the plot (e.g., change color, text, etc.) using functions provided by ggplot2 library.

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