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Extracts the Backbone from Graphs

backbonebackbone: Extracts the Backbone from Graphs
backbone.extractExtracts a backbone network from a backbone object
backbone.suggestSuggest a backbone model
bicmBipartite Configuration Model
disparityExtract backbone using the Disparity Filter
fastballRandomize a binary matrix using the fastball algorithm
fdsmExtract backbone using the Fixed Degree Sequence Model
fixedcolExtract backbone using the Fixed Column Model
fixedfillExtract backbone using the Fixed Fill Model
fixedrowExtract backbone using the Fixed Row Model
frommatrixConverts a backbone adjacency matrix to a graph object of...
globalCompute global threshold backbone
lansExtract backbone using Locally Adaptive Network...
logitLogit-based probabilities for SDSM
loglikelihood_bicmComputes the loglikelihood for the bicm function
loglikelihood_hessian_diag_bicmComputes the loglikelihood hessian for the bicm function
loglikelihood_prime_bicmComputes the loglikelihood gradient for the bicm function
mlfExtract backbone using the Marginal Likelihood Filter
osdsmExtract backbone using the Ordinal Stochastic Degree Sequence...
pbPoisson binomial distribution function
sdsmExtract backbone using the Stochastic Degree Sequence Model
sparsifyExtract the backbone from a network using a sparsification...
sparsify.with.geometricExtract Goldberg and Roth's (2003) Geometric backbone
sparsify.with.gsparExtract Satuluri et al's (2011) G-spar backbone
sparsify.with.hypergeometricExtract Goldberg and Roth's (2003) Hypergeometric backbone
sparsify.with.jaccardExtract Goldberg and Roth's (2003) Jaccard backbone
sparsify.with.localdegreeExtract Hamann et al.'s (2016) Local Degree backbone
sparsify.with.lsparExtract Satuluri et al's (2011) L-spar backbone
sparsify.with.meetminExtract Goldberg and Roth's (2003) MeetMin backbone
sparsify.with.quadrilateralExtract Nocaj et al.'s (2015) Quadrilateral Simmelian...
sparsify.with.simmelianExtract Nick et al's (2013) Simmelian backbone
sparsify.with.skeletonExtract Karger's (1999) skeleton backbone
tomatrixConverts an input graph object to an adjacency/incidence...
trials.neededEstimate number of monte carlo trials needed to estimate...
write.narrativeGenerates suggested manuscript text
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