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backbone: Extracts the Backbone from Graphs


Provides methods for extracting from an unweighted and sparse subgraph (i.e., a backbone) that contains only the most "important" edges in a weighted bipartite projection, a non-projection weighted network, or an unweighted network.

Available backbone extraction functions include:

  • For weighted bipartite projections of weighted bipartite networks: osdsm().

  • For weighted bipartite projections of binary bipartite networks: fixedfill(), fixedrow(), fixedcol(), sdsm(), and fdsm().

  • For non-projection weighted networks: global(), disparity(), mlf(), lans().

  • For unweighted networks: sparsify(), sparsify.with.skeleton(), sparsify.with.gspar(), sparsify.with.lspar(), sparsify.with.simmelian(), sparsify.with.jaccard(), sparsify.with.meetmin(), sparsify.with.geometric(), sparsify.with.hypergeometric(), sparsify.with.localdegree(), sparsify.with.quadrilateral().

  • For all networks: backbone.suggest() will examine the data and suggest an appropriate backbone function

The package also includes some utility functions:

  • fastball() - Fast marginal-preserving randomization of binary matrices

  • bicm() - Compute probabilities under the bipartite configuration model

For additional documentation and background on the package functions, see vignette("backbone"). For updates, papers, presentations, and other backbone news, please see


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