Man pages for bayestestR
Understand and Describe Bayesian Models and Posterior Distributions

area_under_curveArea under the Curve (AUC) to a Data Frame
as.numeric.p_directionConvert to Numeric
bayesfactorBayes Factors (BF)
bayesfactor_inclusionInclusion Bayes Factors for testing predictors across...
bayesfactor_modelsBayes Factors (BF) for model comparison
bayesfactor_parametersBayes Factors (BF) for a Single Parameter
bayesfactor_restrictedBayes Factors (BF) for Order Restricted Models
bciBias Corrected and Accelerated Interval (BCa)
bic_to_bfConvert BIC indices to Bayes Factors via the...
check_priorCheck if Prior is Informative
ciConfidence/Credible/Compatibility Interval (CI)
contr.orthonormOrthonormal Contrast Matrices for Bayesian Estimation
convert_bayesian_as_frequentistConvert (refit) a Bayesian model to frequentist
cwiCurve-wise Intervals (CWI)
density_atDensity Probability at a Given Value
describe_posteriorDescribe Posterior Distributions
describe_priorDescribe Priors
diagnostic_drawsDiagnostic values for each iteration
diagnostic_posteriorPosteriors Sampling Diagnostic
distributionEmpirical Distributions
dot-extract_priors_rstanarmExtract and Returns the priors formatted for rstanarm
dot-flatten_listFlatten a list
dot-prior_new_locationSet a new location for a prior
dot-select_numsselect numerics columns
effective_sampleEffective Sample Size (ESS)
equivalence_testTest for Practical Equivalence
estimate_densityDensity Estimation
etiEqual-Tailed Interval (ETI)
hdiHighest Density Interval (HDI)
map_estimateMaximum A Posteriori probability estimate (MAP)
mcseMonte-Carlo Standard Error (MCSE)
mediationSummary of Bayesian multivariate-response mediation-models
model_to_priorsConvert model's posteriors to priors (EXPERIMENTAL)
overlapOverlap Coefficient
p_directionProbability of Direction (pd)
pd_to_pConvert between Probability of Direction (pd) and p-value.
p_mapBayesian p-value based on the density at the Maximum A...
point_estimatePoint-estimates of posterior distributions
p_ropeProbability of being in the ROPE
p_significancePractical Significance (ps)
reexportsObjects exported from other packages
reshape_iterationsReshape estimations with multiple iterations (draws) to long...
ropeRegion of Practical Equivalence (ROPE)
rope_rangeFind Default Equivalence (ROPE) Region Bounds
sensitivity_to_priorSensitivity to Prior
sexitSequential Effect eXistence and sIgnificance Testing (SEXIT)
sexit_thresholdsFind Effect Size Thresholds
siCompute Support Intervals
simulate_correlationData Simulation
simulate_priorReturns Priors of a Model as Empirical Distributions
simulate_simpsonSimpson's paradox dataset simulation
unupdateUn-update Bayesian models to their prior-to-data state
weighted_posteriorsGenerate posterior distributions weighted across models
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