identifyBranches: Identify shifts on branches of a phylogenetic tree

Description Usage Arguments Details Value


This is a convenience function for mapping regimes interactively on the phylogeny. The method locates the nearest branch to where the cursor is clicked on the plot and records the branch number and the location selected on the branch.


identifyBranches(tree, n, fixed.loc = TRUE, plot.simmap = TRUE)



An object of class 'phylo'


The number of shifts to map interactively onto the phylogeny


A logical indicating whether the exact location on the branch should be returned, or the shift will be free to move along the branch


A logical indicating whether the resulting painting of regimes should be plotted following the selection shift location.


identifyBranches opens an interactive phylogeny plot that allows the user to specify the location of shifts in a phylogenetic tree.


Returns a list with elements "sb" which contains the branch numbers of all selected branches with length "n". If "fixed.loc=TRUE", then the list also contains a vector "loc" which contains the location of the selected shifts along the branch.

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