plot.bcrm.sim: Plot the operating characteristics from the simulated trials

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Plots of the operating characteristics obtained from a CRM simulation.


## S3 method for class 'bcrm.sim'
plot(x, trajectories = FALSE, file = NULL, threep3 = FALSE, ...)



An object of class "bcrm.sim", as returned by bcrm when conducting a simulation.


Should a summary plot of the trajectories of administered dose levels be plotted? Defaults to FALSE.


File name where the operating characteristic plot is stored, in a pdf format.


Should operating characteristics of a standard 3+3 rule-based design be plotted alongside the bcrm design? Defaults to FALSE.


Further arguments passed to or from other methods


This function plots the sample size distribution (if variable), the experimentation distribution, the recommended dose distribution and the percentage of subjects who experience the toxicity outcome (dose-limiting toxicity). If trajectories = TRUE then summary statistics of administered dose levels for each patient are plotted instead. If threep3 = TRUE then the operating characteristics of the standard 3+3 design are plotted alongside those of the bcrm design (see threep3 for more details).


Michael Sweeting (University of Cambridge, UK)


Sweeting M., Mander A., Sabin T. bcrm: Bayesian Continual Reassessment Method Designs for Phase I Dose-Finding Trials. Journal of Statistical Software (2013) 54: 1–26.

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print.bcrm.sim, bcrm, threep3

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