Man pages for bdots
Bootstrapped Differences of Time Series

ar1SolverCompute AR1 correlation coefficient
bdotsBootCreate bootstrapped curves from bdotsObj
bdotsFitFit nlme curves to grouped observations
bdotsFitterFits Individual Subject Curve
bdotsRefitRefit Observations Returned from bdotsFit
bdRemovebdots Remove Function
cici dataset
coef.bdotsObjExtract bdotsFit Moedel Coefficients
coefWriteoutCreate 'data.table' with 'bdotsObj' parameters
cohort_unrelatedcohort_unrelated dataset
curveFitterCurve Fitter
df_cohort_unrelateddf_cohort_unrelated dataset
df_targetdf_target dataset
doubleGaussDouble Gauss curve function for nlme
doubleGauss2DoubleGauss2 curve function for nlme
effectiveAlpha_fEffective Alpha Functional
findModifiedAlphaFind modified alpha
logisticLogistic curve function for nlme
p_adjustAdjust P-values for Multiple Comparisons
plot.bdotsBootObjPlot for object of class bdotsBootObj
plot.bdotsObjPlot a bdotsFit object
polynomialPolynomial curve function for nlme
print.bdotsBootSummaryPrint bdotsBoot Summary
print.bdotsSummaryPrint bdotsObj Summary
rbindlist.bdObjListrbindlist for bdotsObjects
split.bdotsObjSplit object of class bdotsObj
subset.bdotsBootObjSubset a nested group bdotsBoot objects
summary.bdotsBootObjSummary for bdotsBootObj
summary.bdotsObjSummary for bdotsObj
targettarget dataset
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