Man pages for bigstatsr
Statistical Tools for Filebacked Big Matrices

asPlotlyTextPlotly text
as_scaling_funScaling function creator
big_attachAttach a Filebacked Big Matrix
big_colstatsStandard univariate statistics
big_copyCopy as a Filebacked Big Matrix
big_countsCounts for class FBM.code256
big_cprodMatCross-product with a matrix
big_cprodVecCross-product with a vector
big_incrementIncrement an FBM
big_prodMatProduct with a matrix
big_prodVecProduct with a vector
big_randomSVDRandomized partial SVD
big_readRead a file as FBM
big_scaleSome scaling functions
big_spLinRegSparse linear regression
big_spLogRegSparse logistic regression
bigstatsr-packagebigstatsr: Statistical Tools for Filebacked Big Matrices
big_SVDPartial SVD
big_transposeTranspose an FBM
big_univLinRegColumn-wise linear regression
big_univLogRegColumn-wise logistic regression
big_writeWrite an FBM to a file
block_sizeDetermine a correct value for the block.size parameter
COPY_biglasso_mainSparse regression path
COPY_biglasso_partTrain one model
covar_from_dfNumeric matrix from data frame
ExtractCreate an Implementation of [ For Custom Matrix-Like Types
FBM-classClass FBM
FBM.code256-classClass FBM.code256
FBM-methodsMethods for the FBM class
get_betaCombine sets of coefficients
pasteLocGet coordinates on plot
pcorPartial correlation
plot.big_sp_listPlot method
plot.big_SVDPlot method
plot.mhtestPlot method
predict.big_spPredict method
predict.big_sp_listPredict method
predict.big_SVDScores of PCA
predict.mhtestPredict method
reexportsObjects exported from other packages
ReplaceCreate an Implementation of [<- For Custom Matrix-Like Types
sub_bkReplace extension '.bk'
summary.big_sp_listSummary method
theme_bigstatsrTheme ggplot2
without_downcast_warningTemporarily disable downcast warning
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