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Visualising Bipartite Networks and Calculating Some (Ecological) Indices of a network matrix
as.tnetEnsures that networks conform to the tnet stardards
barrett1987Individuals caught in a pollination web in boreal Canada.
betweenness_wBetweenness centrality in a weighted network
bezerra2009Individuals observed in a flower-visitation network of...
bipartite-packageAnalysis of bipartite ecological webs
closeness_wCloseness centrality in a weighted network
clustering_tmRedefined clustering coefficient for two-mode networks
compartDetects compartments
C.scoreCalculates the (normalised) mean number of checkerboard...
czvaluesComputes c and z for network modules
degreedistrFits functions to cumulative degree distributions of both...
dfunCalculates standardised specialisation index d' (d prime) for...
discrepancyCalculates discrepancy of a matrix
distance_wDistance in a weighted network
elberling1999No. of visits in a pollination web of arctic-alpine Sweden
emptyDeletes empty rows and columns from a matrix.
endpointComputes end-point degrees for a bipartite network
extinctionSimulates extinction of a species from a bipartite network
fcCalculates the functional complementarity for the rows of a...
frame2websConverts a table of observations into a network matrix
genwebGenerate a random bipartite web
grouplevelAnalysis of bipartite webs at the level of each of the two...
H2funSpecialisation of a bipartite web.
inouye1988A pollination network from the Snowy Mountains of New South...
junker2013Flower visitation network
kato1990No. of individuals caught in a pollination web of a Japanese...
kevan1970A pollination network from Northern Ellesmere Island, Canada
linklevelIndices of a bipartite network at the link level
memmott1999Flower visitation network from a meadow near Bristol, UK
mgenGenerate simulated network according to a given probability...
modulesLPAFunctions "LPA_wb_plus" and "DIRT_LPA_wb_plus"
moduleWeb-classClass "moduleWeb"
mosquin1967Flower visitation network from Melville Island, Northwest...
motten1982A spring flower visitation network from North Carolina, USA
NDNormalised degree, betweenness and closeness centrality
nestedCalculates any of several measures of nestedness
nestedcontributionCalculates the per-species contribution to nestedness...
nestednessCalculates nestedness temperature of presence/absence...
nestedrankCalculates the rank of a species in a matrix sorted for...
networklevelAnalysis of bipartite webs at the level of the entire network
nodespecCalculates the node-based specialisation index
NOSCalculates the node overlap and separation according to...
npartiteComputes indices for a masked-one-mode network
null.distrNull model based on fitted marginal distribution
nullmodelGenerates null models for network analysis
null.t.testCompares observed pattern to random webs.
olesen2002aigrettesA flower visitation network from the Azores
olesen2002floresAnother flower visitation network from the Azores
olito2015A pollination network from the Canadian Rockies
PACPotential for Apparent Competition
PDIPaired Differences Index
plotPACFunction to draw a circular plot to visualise potential...
plotwebVisualize a bipartite interaction matrix (e.g. a foodweb)
plotweb2Visualize a tripartite interaction matrix (e.g. a tritrophic...
projecting_tmProjecting binary and weighted two-mode networks onto...
r2dexternalGenerates null models for network analysis by considering...
robustnessRobustness to species extinctions
SafarilandA pollination web from Argentina
schemske1978A flower visitation network from Urbana, IL, USA
second.extinctSecondary extinctions in bipartite networks
shuffle.webShuffle web entries
slope.bipartiteSlope of extinction simulation
small1976A flower visitation network from a peat bog in Ottawa, Canada
sortwebFunction to sort bipartite webs
specieslevelCalculate various indices for network properties at the...
strengthComputes species strength according to either of two...
swap.webCreates null model for bipartite networks
tnet_igraphExports a tnet network to an igraph object
togethernessCalculates the number of identical co-presences and...
vazarrA pollination network.
vazcerA pollination network.
vazllaoA pollination network.
vazmascA pollination network.
vazmasncA pollination network.
vaznullNull model with constrained connectance and moderately...
vazquecA pollination network.
vazquencA pollination network.
vazquez.exampleExamples for some analyses
versionlogLog of bipartite versions and changes
viswebPlotting function to visualize a bipartite food web
V.ratioCalculates the variance-ratio as suggested by Schluter (1984)
web2edgesConversion of a network matrix into a (weighted) edge list
webs2arrayPuts two or more webs into one array of webs
wineWeighted-Interaction Nestedness Estimator
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