Defines functions update_forecast_towns

Documented in update_forecast_towns

#' Update bomrang Internal Database with Latest BOM Forecast Towns
#' @description
#' Download the latest select forecast towns from the BOM server and update
#' bomrang's internal database of précis forecast town names and
#' AAC codes used by \code{\link{get_precis_forecast}}.  There is
#' no need to use this unless you know that a forecast town exists in a
#' more current version of the BOM précis forecast town name database that is
#' not available in the database distributed with [bomrang].
#' @examples
#' \dontrun{
#' update_forecast_towns()
#' }
#' @return Updated database of BOM précis forecast towns
#' @references
#' Data are sourced from: Australian Bureau of Meteorology (BOM) webpage,
#' "Weather Data Services",
#' \url{http://www.bom.gov.au/catalogue/data-feeds.shtml}
#' @author Adam H Sparks, \email{[email protected]@gmail.com}
#' @export
update_forecast_towns <- function() {
    "This will overwrite the current internal database of forecast towns.\n",
    "If reproducibility is necessary, you may not wish to proceed.\n",
    "Do you understand and wish to proceed (Y/n)?\n")
  answer <-
    readLines(con = getOption("bomrang_connection"), n = 1)
  answer <- toupper(answer)
  if (answer != "Y" & answer != "YES") {
    stop("Forecast towns were not updated.",
         call. = FALSE)
  message("Updating forecast towns.\n")
  original_timeout <- options("timeout")[[1]]
  options(timeout = 300)
  on.exit(options(timeout = original_timeout))
  # fetch new database from BOM server
    destfile = file.path(tempdir(), "AAC_codes.dbf"),
    mode = "wb"
  # import BOM dbf file
  AAC_codes <-
    foreign::read.dbf(file.path(tempdir(), "AAC_codes.dbf"), as.is = TRUE)
  AAC_codes <- AAC_codes[, c(2:3, 7:9)]
  # overwrite the existing isd_history.rda file on disk
  message("\nOverwriting existing database of forecast towns and AAC codes.\n")
  fname <-
    system.file("extdata", "AAC_codes.rda", package = "bomrang")
  save(AAC_codes, file = fname, compress = "bzip2")

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