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HTML book built with bootstrap4


This output format is built with Bootstrap, using carefully crafted features to provide a clean reading experience whether you are on a phone, tablet, or desktop. To read more about this format, see:


  theme = bs4_book_theme(),
  repo = NULL,
  lib_dir = "libs",
  pandoc_args = NULL,
  extra_dependencies = NULL,
  template = "default",
  split_bib = FALSE,
  footnotes_inline = TRUE

bs4_book_theme(primary = "#0068D9", version = 4, ...)



A named list or bslib::bs_theme() object. The default, bs4_book_theme(), resets the base font size to 1rem to make reading easier and uses a primary colour with greater contrast against the background.


Either link to repository where book is hosted, used to generate view source and edit buttons or a list with repository base link, default branch, subdir and icon (see "Specifying the repository" in

lib_dir, pandoc_args, extra_dependencies, split_bib, ...

Passed on to rmarkdown::html_document().


Pandoc template to use for rendering. Pass "default" to use the bookdown default template; pass a path to use a custom template. The default template should be sufficient for most use cases. For advanced user only, in case you want to develop a custom template, we highly recommend to start from the default template: Otherwise, some feature may not work anymore.


By default, footnotes will be set inline and shown on hover. Set to FALSE to keep footnotes at the bottom of the page with links.


Primary colour: used for links and background of footer.


Passed to bslib::bs_theme(). This should not be changed as bs4_book() has been designed to work with Bootstrap version 4 for now.

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