pdf_book: Convert R Markdown to a PDF book

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Convert R Markdown to a PDF book


Convert R Markdown files to PDF after resolving the special tokens of bookdown (e.g., the tokens for references and labels) to native LaTeX commands.


  toc = TRUE,
  number_sections = TRUE,
  fig_caption = TRUE,
  pandoc_args = NULL,
  base_format = rmarkdown::pdf_document,
  toc_unnumbered = TRUE,
  toc_appendix = FALSE,
  toc_bib = FALSE,
  quote_footer = NULL,
  highlight_bw = FALSE


toc, number_sections, fig_caption, pandoc_args

See rmarkdown::pdf_document, or the documentation of the base_format function.


Other arguments to be passed to base_format.


An output format function to be used as the base format.


Whether to add unnumbered headers to the table of contents.


Whether to add the appendix to the table of contents.


Whether to add the bibliography section to the table of contents.


If a character vector of length 2 and the quote footer starts with three dashes (‘⁠---⁠’), quote_footer[1] will be prepended to the footer, and quote_footer[2] will be appended; if NULL, the quote footer will not be processed.


Whether to convert colors for syntax highlighting to black-and-white (grayscale).


This function is based on rmarkdown::pdf_document (by default) with better default arguments. You can also change the default format to other LaTeX/PDF format functions using the base_format argument.

The global R option bookdown.post.latex can be set to a function to post-process the LaTeX output. This function takes the character vector of the LaTeX output as its input argument, and should return a character vector to be written to the ‘.tex’ output file. This gives you full power to post-process the LaTeX output.


This output format can only be used with render_book().

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