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The GitBook output format


This output format function ported a style provided by GitBook ( for R Markdown. To read more about this format, see:


  fig_caption = TRUE,
  number_sections = TRUE,
  self_contained = FALSE,
  anchor_sections = TRUE,
  lib_dir = "libs",
  global_numbering = !number_sections,
  pandoc_args = NULL,
  extra_dependencies = list(),
  template = "default",
  split_by = c("chapter", "chapter+number", "section", "section+number", "rmd", "none"),
  split_bib = TRUE,
  config = list(),
  table_css = TRUE,
  code_folding = c("none", "show", "hide")


fig_caption, number_sections, self_contained, anchor_sections, lib_dir, pandoc_args, code_folding, extra_dependencies, ...

Arguments to be passed to rmarkdown::html_document() (... not including toc, and theme).


If TRUE, number figures and tables globally throughout a document (e.g., Figure 1, Figure 2, ...). If FALSE, number them sequentially within sections (e.g., Figure 1.1, Figure 1.2, ..., Figure 5.1, Figure 5.2, ...). Note that global_numbering = FALSE will not work with number_sections = FALSE because sections are not numbered.


Pandoc template to use for rendering. Pass "default" to use the bookdown default template; pass a path to use a custom template. The default template should be sufficient for most use cases. In case you want to develop a custom template, we highly recommend to start from the default template:


How to name the HTML output files from the book: rmd uses the base filenames of the input Rmd files to create the HTML filenames, e.g. generate ‘chapter1.html’ for ‘chapter1.Rmd’; none means do not split the HTML file (the book will be a single HTML file); chapter means split the file by the first-level headers; section means the second-level headers. For chapter and section, the HTML filenames will be determined by the header ID's, e.g. the filename for the first chapter with a chapter title # Introduction will be ‘introduction.html’; for chapter+number and section+number, the chapter/section numbers will be prepended to the HTML filenames, e.g. ‘1-introduction.html’ and ‘2-1-literature.html’.


Whether to split the bibliography onto separate pages where the citations are actually used.


A list of configuration options for the gitbook style, such as the font/theme settings.


TRUE to load gitbook's default CSS for tables. Choose FALSE to unload and use customized CSS (for example, bootstrap) via the css option. Default is TRUE.

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