bqror: Bayesian quantile regression for ordinal models

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Provides functions for estimating Bayesian quantile regression for ordinal models, calculating covariate effects, and computing measures for model comparison. Specifically, the package offers two estimation functions - one for an ordinal model with more than three outcomes. For each ordinal model, the package provides functions to calculate the covariate effect using the MCMC outputs. The package also computes marginal likelihood (recommended) and the Deviance Information Criterion (DIC) for comparing alternative quantile regression models. Besides, the package also contains functions for making trace plots of MCMC draws and other functions that aids the estimation or inference of quantile ordinal models.


Package: bqror

Type: Package

Version: 1.2.0

License: GPL (>=2)

Package bqror provides the following functions:

quantreg_or2, drawlatent_or2, drawbeta_or2, drawsigma_or2, drawnu_or2, deviance_or2, qrnegLogLike_or2, rndald, traceplot_or2, infactor_or2, covariateEffect_or2,logMargLikelihood_or2

quantreg_or1, qrminfundtheorem, qrnegLogLikensum_or1, drawbeta_or1, draww_or1, drawlatent_or1, drawdelta_or1, deviance_or1, alcdfstd, alcdf, traceplot_or1, infactor_or1, covariateEffect_or1, logMargLikelihood_or1


Mohammad Arshad Rahman

Prajual Maheshwari <>


Rahman, M. A. (2016). “Bayesian Quantile Regression for Ordinal Models.” Bayesian Analysis, 11(1): 1-24. DOI: 10.1214/15-BA939

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