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Simulated data from OR2 model for p = 0.75 (i.e., 75th quantile)


Simulated data from OR2 model for p = 0.75 (i.e., 75th quantile)




This data contains 500 observations generated from a quantile ordinal model with 3 outcomes at the 75th quantile (i.e., p = 0.75). The model specifics for generating the data are as follows: β = (-4, 6, 5), X ~ Unif(0, 1), and ε ~ AL(0, σ = 1, p = 0.75). The cut-points (0, 3) are used to classify the continuous values of the dependent variable into 3 categories, which forms the ordinal outcomes.


Returns a list with components

  • x: a matrix of covariates, including a column of ones.

  • y: a column vector of ordinal outcomes.


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