asymptotic_var: Asymptotic Variance of IS-type Estimators

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Asymptotic Variance of IS-type Estimators


The asymptotic variance MCMCSE^2 is based on Corollary 1 of Vihola et al. (2020) from weighted samples from IS-MCMC. The default method is based on the integrated autocorrelation time (IACT) by Sokal (1997) which seem to work well for reasonable problems, but it is also possible to use the Geyer's method as implemented in ess_mean of the posterior package.


asymptotic_var(x, w, method = "sokal")



A numeric vector of samples.


A numeric vector of weights. If missing, set to 1 (i.e. no weighting is assumed).


Method for computing IACT. Default is "sokal", other option "geyer".


A single numeric value of asymptotic variance estimate.


Vihola M, Helske J, Franks J. (2020). Importance sampling type estimators based on approximate marginal Markov chain Monte Carlo. Scand J Statist. 1-38.

Sokal A. (1997). Monte Carlo Methods in Statistical Mechanics: Foundations and New Algorithms. In: DeWitt-Morette C, Cartier P, Folacci A (eds) Functional Integration. NATO ASI Series (Series B: Physics), vol 361. Springer, Boston, MA.

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n <- 1e4 
x <- numeric(n)
phi <- 0.7
for(t in 2:n) x[t] <- phi * x[t-1] + rnorm(1)
w <- rexp(n, 0.5 * exp(0.001 * x^2))
# different methods:
asymptotic_var(x, w, method = "sokal")
asymptotic_var(x, w, method = "geyer")

# can be obtained directly with summary method
d <- suppressWarnings(as_draws(negbin_model))
sqrt(asymptotic_var(d$sd_level, d$weight))

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