Man pages for cRegulome
Obtain and Visualize Regulome-Gene Expression Correlations in Cancer

cmicroRNAConstruct cmicroRNA object
cor_histA histogram of the correlations of microRNA or tf sets
cor_igraphMake an igraph object
cor_joyA joy plot of correlation of microRNA or tf sets
cor_plotPlot method for cmicroRNA and cTF objects
cor_prepPrepare correlation data for plotting
cor_tidyTidy cmicroRNA and cTF objects
cor_upset'upset' plot of microRNA or tf sets
cor_venn_diagramVenn Diagram of microRNA or transcription factor correlated...
cRegulome'cRegulome' package
cTFConstruct cTF object
get_dbGet cRegulome.db file
get_mirGet microRNA correlations from cRegulome.db
get_tfGet transcription factor correlations from cRegulome.db
stat_collectCollect data from SQLite database
stat_makeMake A SQL statment
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