Man pages for caracas
Computer Algebra

add_prefixAdd prefix to each element of matrix
all_varsAll variables
apartPartial fraction decomposition on a rational function
as_characterCoerce symbol to character
as.character.caracas_symbolConvert symbol to character
as_character_matrixGet matrix as character matrix
as_diagConstruct diagonal matrix from vector
as_exprConvert caracas object to R
as_funcConvert expression into function object.
askAsk for a symbol's property
as_symConvert R object to caracas symbol
as_vecStacks matrix to vector
cancelPut rational function into standard form
collectCollects common powers of a term in an expression
colspanColumn space (range) of a symbolic matrix
def_symDefine (invisibly) caracas symbols in global environment
derSymbolic differentiation of an expression
der2Symbolic differentiation of second order of an expression
diagMatrix diagonal
diag_Symbolic diagonal matrix
diag.caracas_symbolMatrix diagonal
diag-setReplace matrix diagonal
diag-set-.caracas_symbolReplace diagonal
diff_matDifference matrix
dim.caracas_symbolDimensions of a caracas symbol
dim-set-.caracas_symbolDimensions of a caracas symbol
doitPerform calculations setup previously
do_laDo linear algebra operation
drop_remainderRemove remainder term
eval_to_symbolCreate a symbol from a string
expandExpand expression
expand_funcExpand a function expression
expand_logExpand a logarithmic expression
expand_trigExpand a trigonometric expression
factor_Expand expression
fraction_partsGet numerator and denominator of a fraction
free_symbolsGet free symbol in expression
generic-matricesGenerate generic vectors and matrices
get_basisGet basis
get_pyAccess 'py' object
get_sympyAccess 'SymPy' directly
has_sympyCheck if 'SymPy' is available
install_sympyInstall 'SymPy'
intIntegrate a function
is_symIs object a caracas symbol
jacobianCompute Jacobian
kronecker-caracas_symbol-caracas_symbol-methodKronecker product of two matrices
limLimit of a function
linalgDo linear algebra operation
listifyConvert object to list of elements
ls_symList defined symbols
Math.caracas_symbolMath functions
mat_powMatrix power
matrifyCreates matrix from array symbol
matrix_Symbolic matrix
matrix_cross_productMatrix cross product
matrix-productsMatrix multiplication
NNumerical evaluation
Ops.caracas_symbolMath operators
print.caracas_scaled_matrixPrint scaled matrix
print.caracas_solve_sys_solPrint solution
print.caracas_symbolPrint symbol
prod_Product of a function
rankMatrix_Rank of matrix
reciprocal_matrixElementwise reciprocal matrix
rowSums_colSumsForm Row and Column Sums
scale_matrixCreate list of factors as in a product
score_hessianScore and Hessian matrix
simplifySimplify expression
solve.caracas_symbolSolve a System of Linear Equations
solve_linSolve a linear system of equations
solve_sysSolves a system of non-linear equations
special_matricesSpecial matrices: zeros_sym, ones_sym, eye_sym
sub-.caracas_symbolExtract or replace parts of an object
subsSubstitute symbol for value
subset-.caracas_symbolExtract or replace parts of an object
sum_Sum of a function
symbolCreate a symbol
symbol_classAsk type of caracas symbol
symbol_is_matrixCheck if object is a caracas matrix
sym_classAsk type of caracas symbol
sym_inheritsAsk if type of caracas symbol is of a requested type
sympy_funcCall a SymPy function directly on x
sympy_versionGet 'SymPy' version
taylorTaylor expansion
t.caracas_symbolTranspose of matrix
texExport object to TeX
tex.caracas_scaled_matrixExport scaled matrix to tex
texshowDump latex representation of sympy object.
to_somethingCoerce caracas object
tuplifyConvert object to tuple
unbracketRemove inner-most dimension
unscale_matrixExtract matrix from scaled matrix
vectorfyCreates symbol vector from list of caracas symbols
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