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COX-2 Activity Data


From Sutherland, O'Brien, and Weaver (2003): "A set of 467 cyclooxygenase-2 (COX-2) inhibitors has been assembled from the published work of a single research group, with in vitro activities against human recombinant enzyme expressed as IC50 values ranging from 1 nM to >100 uM (53 compounds have indeterminate IC50 values)."


The data are in the Supplemental Data file for the article.

A set of 255 descriptors (MOE2D and QikProp) were generated. To classify the data, we used a cutoff of $2^2.5$ to determine activity



the descriptors


the IC50 data used to determine activity


the categorical outcome ("Active" or "Inactive") based on the $2^2.5$ cutoff


Sutherland, J. J., O'Brien, L. A. and Weaver, D. F. (2003). Spline-Fitting with a Genetic Algorithm: A Method for Developing Classification Structure-Activity Relationships, Journal of Chemical Information and Computer Sciences, Vol. 43, pg. 1906-1915.

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