Man pages for caret
Classification and Regression Training

as.matrix.confusionMatrixConfusion matrix as a table
avNNetNeural Networks Using Model Averaging
bagA General Framework For Bagging
bagEarthBagged Earth
bagFDABagged FDA
BloodBrainBlood Brain Barrier Data
BoxCoxTransBox-Cox and Exponential Transformations
calibrationProbability Calibration Plot
caretFuncsBackwards Feature Selection Helper Functions
caret-internalInternal Functions
caretSBFSelection By Filtering (SBF) Helper Functions
carsKelly Blue Book resale data for 2005 model year GM cars
classDistCompute and predict the distances to class centroids
confusionMatrixCreate a confusion matrix
confusionMatrix.trainEstimate a Resampled Confusion Matrix
cox2COX-2 Activity Data
createDataPartitionData Splitting functions
densityplot.rfeLattice functions for plotting resampling results of...
dhfrDihydrofolate Reductase Inhibitors Data
diff.resamplesInferential Assessments About Model Performance
dotPlotCreate a dotplot of variable importance values
dotplot.diff.resamplesLattice Functions for Visualizing Resampling Differences
downSampleDown- and Up-Sampling Imbalanced Data
dummyVarsCreate A Full Set of Dummy Variables
featurePlotWrapper for Lattice Plotting of Predictor Variables
filterVarImpCalculation of filter-based variable importance
findCorrelationDetermine highly correlated variables
findLinearCombosDetermine linear combinations in a matrix
format.bagEarthFormat 'bagEarth' objects
gafs.defaultGenetic algorithm feature selection
gafs_initialAncillary genetic algorithm functions
GermanCreditGerman Credit Data
getSamplingInfoGet sampling info from a train model
histogram.trainLattice functions for plotting resampling results
icr.formulaIndependent Component Regression
index2vecConvert indicies to a binary vector
knn3k-Nearest Neighbour Classification
knnregk-Nearest Neighbour Regression
learning_curve_datCreate Data to Plot a Learning Curve
liftLift Plot
maxDissimMaximum Dissimilarity Sampling
mdrrMultidrug Resistance Reversal (MDRR) Agent Data
modelLookupTools for Models Available in 'train'
modelsA List of Available Models in train
nearZeroVarIdentification of near zero variance predictors
nullModelFit a simple, non-informative model
oilFatty acid composition of commercial oils
oneSESelecting tuning Parameters
panel.lift2Lattice Panel Functions for Lift Plots
panel.needleNeedle Plot Lattice Panel
pcaNNetNeural Networks with a Principal Component Step
plotClassProbsPlot Predicted Probabilities in Classification Models
plot.gafsPlot Method for the gafs and safs Classes
plotObsVsPredPlot Observed versus Predicted Results in Regression and...
plot.rfePlot RFE Performance Profiles
plot.trainPlot Method for the train Class
plot.varImp.trainPlotting variable importance measures
plsdaPartial Least Squares and Sparse Partial Least Squares...
postResampleCalculates performance across resamples
potteryPottery from Pre-Classical Sites in Italy
prcomp.resamplesPrincipal Components Analysis of Resampling Results
predict.bagEarthPredicted values based on bagged Earth and FDA models
predict.gafsPredict new samples
predict.knn3Predictions from k-Nearest Neighbors
predict.knnregPredictions from k-Nearest Neighbors Regression Model
predictorsList predictors used in the model
predict.trainExtract predictions and class probabilities from train...
preProcessPre-Processing of Predictors
print.confusionMatrixPrint method for confusionMatrix
print.trainPrint Method for the train Class
recallCalculate recall, precision and F values
resampleHistPlot the resampling distribution of the model statistics
resamplesCollation and Visualization of Resampling Results
resampleSummarySummary of resampled performance estimates
rfeBackwards Feature Selection
rfeControlControlling the Feature Selection Algorithms
SacramentoSacramento CA Home Prices
safsSimulated annealing feature selection
safsControlControl parameters for GA and SA feature selection
safs_initialAncillary simulated annealing functions
sbfSelection By Filtering (SBF)
sbfControlControl Object for Selection By Filtering (SBF)
scatMorphometric Data on Scat
segmentationDataCell Body Segmentation
sensitivityCalculate sensitivity, specificity and predictive values
spatialSignCompute the multivariate spatial sign
summary.bagEarthSummarize a bagged earth or FDA fit
tecatorFat, Water and Protein Content of Meat Samples
thresholderGenerate Data to Choose a Probability Threshold
trainFit Predictive Models over Different Tuning Parameters
trainControlControl parameters for train
twoClassSimSimulation Functions
update.safsUpdate or Re-fit a SA or GA Model
update.trainUpdate or Re-fit a Model
varImpCalculation of variable importance for regression and...
varImp.gafsVariable importances for GAs and SAs
var_seqSequences of Variables for Tuning
xyplot.resamplesLattice Functions for Visualizing Resampling Results
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