predictors: List predictors used in the model

predictorsR Documentation

List predictors used in the model


This class uses a model fit to determine which predictors were used in the final model.


predictors(x, ...)



a model object, list or terms


not currently used


For randomForest, cforest, ctree, rpart, ipredbagg, bagging, earth, fda, pamr.train, superpc.train, bagEarth and bagFDA, an attempt was made to report the predictors that were actually used in the final model.

The predictors function can be called on the model object (as opposed to the train) object) and the package will try to find the appropriate coed (if it exists).

In cases where the predictors cannot be determined, NA is returned. For example, nnet may return missing values from predictors.


a character string of predictors or NA.

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