Defines functions print.cartogramR

Documented in print.cartogramR

#' Print a cartogram object
#' @param x a cartogramR object
#' @param   \\dots arguments passed to or from other methods.
#' @return No return value, called for side effects
#' @rdname print.cartogramR
#' @export
#' @md
print.cartogramR <- function(x, ...) {
    if  (!inherits(x, "cartogramR")) stop(paste(deparse(substitute(x)), "must be a cartogramR object"))
  cat("object of class cartogramR\n")
  cat(paste("  Distorsion of polygons contained in", x$details["initial_data_name"],"\n"))
  cat(paste("  based on variable", x$details["initial_count_name"], "\n"))
  cat(paste("  using", x$details["algorithm"], "\n"))
    if (x$options$options["absrel"]==1) {
      critname <- "Max of (Abs) Relative Errors: "
      crit <- max(abs(residuals.cartogramR(x, type="relative error")))
      } else {
      critname <- "Max of (Abs) Absolute Errors: "
      crit <- max(abs(residuals.cartogramR(x, type="error")))
  cat(paste0("  ", critname, crit, "\n"))

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