.TestPlotFunction <- function(plot.fn, ...)
    # Calls fn with args, redirecting graphics output to a temporary file that
    # is unlinked after the test
    temp.path <- tempfile()
    tryCatch(do.call(plot.fn, args=list(...)),
        finally={dev.off(); unlink(temp.path)})

TestSimplePlotFunctions <- function()
    # Test those plot functions that take a community object as the first, and 
    # only mandatory, argument
    exclude <- c('PlotNPSDistribution', 'PlotRankNPS', 'PlotTLPS', 'PlotNPS',
                 'PlotWagonWheel', 'PlotLinearModels')
    for(fn in setdiff(ls('package:cheddar', pattern='Plot*'), exclude))
        cat(fn, '\n')
        .TestPlotFunction(fn, TL84)

TestPlotWagonWheel <- function()
    .TestPlotFunction(PlotWagonWheel, TL84, focus=30)

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