Man pages for climatol
Climate Tools (Series Homogenization and Derived Products)

climatol2rclimdexConvert DAILY data from Climatol to RClimDex input format
climatol-internalInternal climatol functions
dahgridInterpolation of normalized homogeneous data on a predefined...
dahstatStatistical summaries of the homogenized data
dailiesDaily temperature data
daily2climatolConvert daily data files to Climatol input format
datcliMonthly climatic data of a single station
datsubsetSubset Climatol input data into new files
db2datGet daily or monthly data from a database and build input...
dd2mCompute monthly data from daily series
diagwlWalter & Lieth climatic diagram
homogenAutomatic homogenization of climatological series
homogsplitApply homogen() on overlapping rectangular areas.
outrenameRename homogen's output files
pcp_resultsResults of a monthly precipitation homogenization
PtestMonthly precipitation data
rclimdexDaily temperature data
rclimdex2climatolConvert RClimDex daily data files to Climatol input format
rosaventWind-rose plot
tmaxDaily temperature data
TtestDaily temperature data
windfrWind frequency table
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