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Get the names of the ggplot function to use for the reference lines





(optional) Nested list, with parameters for each reference line(s). Each sublist (a.k.a reference line) contains:

  • aesthetic value(s) or variable(s) for the lines (in this case column names of data) for reference lines. The line position is controlled by the aesthetics supported in geom_vline, geom_hline and geom_abline.

  • 'label': (optional) Logical specifying if the line should be annotated (FALSE to not annotate the line) or string with annotation label. By default, the value of the position of the horizontal/vertical line or the equation of the diagonal line is displayed.


List of type of each reference lines, among: 'vline', 'hline' and 'abline'.


Laure Cougnaud

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