Man pages for coda
Output Analysis and Diagnostics for MCMC

as.ts.mcmcCoerce mcmc object to time series
autocorrAutocorrelation function for Markov chains
autocorr.diagAutocorrelation function for Markov chains
autocorr.plotPlot autocorrelations for Markov Chains
batchSEBatch Standard Error
bugs2jagsConvert WinBUGS data file to JAGS data file
codamenuMain menu driver for the coda package
coda.optionsOptions settings for the codamenu driver
CramerThe Cramer-von Mises Distribution
crosscorrCross correlations for MCMC output
crosscorr.plotPlot image of correlation matrix
cumuplotCumulative quantile plot
densplotProbability density function estimate from MCMC output
effectiveSizeEffective sample size for estimating the mean
gelman.diagGelman and Rubin's convergence diagnostic
gelman.plotGelman-Rubin-Brooks plot
geweke.diagGeweke's convergence diagnostic
geweke.plotGeweke-Brooks plot
heidel.diagHeidelberger and Welch's convergence diagnostic
HPDintervalHighest Posterior Density intervals
linepostSimple linear regression example
mcmcMarkov Chain Monte Carlo Objects
mcmc.convertConversions of MCMC objects
mcmc.listReplicated Markov Chain Monte Carlo Objects
mcmc.subsetExtract or replace parts of MCMC objects
mcmcUpgradeUpgrade mcmc objects in obsolete format
mcparMcpar attribute of MCMC objects
multi.menuChoose multiple options from a menu
nchainDimensions of MCMC objects
plot.mcmcSummary plots of mcmc objects
raftery.diagRaftery and Lewis's diagnostic
read.and.checkRead data interactively and check that it satisfies...
read.codaRead output files in CODA format
read.coda.interactiveRead CODA output files interactively
read.openbugsRead CODA output files produced by OpenBUGS
rejectionRateRejection Rate for Metropolis-Hastings chains
spectrum0Estimate spectral density at zero
spectrum0.arEstimate spectral density at zero
summary.mcmcSummary statistics for Markov Chain Monte Carlo chains
thinThinning interval
time.mcmcTime attributes for mcmc objects
traceplotTrace plot of MCMC output
trellisplotsTrellis plots for mcmc objects
varnamesNamed dimensions of MCMC objects
window.mcmcTime windows for mcmc objects
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