mcmc.list: Replicated Markov Chain Monte Carlo Objects

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Replicated Markov Chain Monte Carlo Objects


The function ‘mcmc.list’ is used to represent parallel runs of the same chain, with different starting values and random seeds. The list must be balanced: each chain in the list must have the same iterations and the same variables.

Diagnostic functions which act on mcmc objects may also be applied to mcmc.list objects. In general, the chains will be combined, if this makes sense, otherwise the diagnostic function will be applied separately to each chain in the list.

Since all the chains in the list have the same iterations, a single time dimension can be ascribed to the list. Hence there are time series methods time, window, start, end, frequency and thin for mcmc.list objects.

An mcmc.list can be indexed as if it were a single mcmc object using the [ operator (see examples below). The [[ operator selects a single mcmc object from the list.


as.mcmc.list(x, ...)



a list of mcmc objects


an object that may be coerced to mcmc.list


Martyn Plummer

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x1 <- line[[1]]                    #Select first chain
x2 <- line[,1, drop=FALSE]         #Select first var from all chains
varnames(x2) == varnames(line)[1]  #TRUE

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