Man pages for coil
Contextualization and Evaluation of COI-5P Barcode Data

aa_PHMMAmino acid profile hidden Markov model for coi5p.
censored_translationCensored Translation of a DNA string.
coi5pBuild a coi5p object from a DNA sequence string.
coi5p_pipeRun the entire coi5p pipeline for an input sequence.
coil'coil': evaluation of COI-5P barcode data
example_barcode_dataExample barcode data.
example_nt_stringExample coi5p DNA sequence string
flatten_coi5pFlatten a list of coi5p output objects into a dataframe.
frameTake a coi5p sequence and place it in reading frame.
indel_checkCheck if a coi5p sequence likely contains an error.
individual_AAbinbuild an AAbin with ape.
individual_DNAbinbuild an DNAbin with ape.
ins_front_trimCheck sequence for an early large string of deletions. If it...
leading_insCheck for a large number of leading inserted bases.
new_coi5pBuild a new coi5p class instance.
nt_PHMMNucleotide profile hidden Markov model for coi5p.
print.coi5pPrint a summary of a coi5p object.
set_frameTake an input sequence and get it into the reading frame.
trans_dfData frame containing the translation table recommendation.
translateTranslate a coi5p sequence.
translate_codonCensored Translation of a codon.
validate_coi5pValidate the new coi5p class instance.
which_trans_tableDetermine the translation table to use for a given...
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