comato: Analysis of Concept Maps

Provides methods for the import/export and automated analysis of concept maps.

AuthorAndreas Muehling
Date of publication2014-03-18 11:55:09
MaintainerAndreas Muehling <>

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Man pages

analyze.graph.measures: Analyze graph measures of a concept map

analyze.graph.measures.conceptmap: Analyzing graph measures of a concept map

analyze.graph.measures.igraph: Analyzing graph measures of an igraph object

analyze.similarity: Analyzing graph similarity.

analyze.subgraphs: Analyzing small subgraph patterns.

as.matrix.conceptmap: Convert a conceptmap object to a matrix

as.matrix.conceptmaps: Convert a conceptmaps object to a matrix

clustering: Clustering maps of a conceptmaps object

comato-package: CoMaTo - Analyzing concept maps

conceptmap: Constructing a conceptmap object

conceptmap.default: Basic creation of a conceptmap object

conceptmap.igraph: Creation of a conceptmap object from an existing graph

conceptmap.matrix: Creation of a conceptmap object from matrix data

conceptmaps: Constructing a conceptmaps object

conceptmaps.default: Basic creation of a conceptmaps object

conceptmaps.list: Creation of a conceptmaps object from a list

conceptmaps.matrix: Creation of a conceptmaps object from a matrix

concept.vector: Forming the concept vector of a conceptmap object

edge.vector: Forming the edge vector of a conceptmap object

get.unified.concepts: Finding all concepts used.

Hopkins.index: Non-randomness of data

landscape: Aggregating the maps of a conceptmaps object into a concept...

MBM.cluster: MBMM clustering

merge.conceptmaps: Unify sets of conceptmaps

modify.concepts: Modify the concepts of concept maps

modify.concepts.conceptmap: Adapt list of concepts of a conceptmap object

modify.concepts.conceptmaps: Modifying the concepts of all maps of a conceptmaps object.

PAM.cluster: Similarity based clustering

pathfinder: Construct a Pathfinder network from a conceptmap or a concept...

pathfinder.conceptmaps: Creating a Pathfinder network from a conceptmaps object

pathfinder.igraph: Creating a Pathfinder network from an igraph object

pathfinder.matrix: Creating a Pathfinder network from a matrix

plot.conceptmap: Plotting a conceptmap

plot.conceptmaps: Plotting a series of concept maps

print.conceptmap: Display basic information of a conceptmap object

print.conceptmaps: Display basic information of a conceptmaps object

read.folder.tgf: Importing a set of concept maps from TGF files.

read.folder.yEd: Importing a set of concept maps from GraphML files.

read.tgf: Importing a concept map from a TGF file.

read.yEd: Importing a concept map from a GraphML file.

splice: Select a subset of a set of conceptmaps

summary.conceptmap: Return basic information of a conceptmap object

summary.conceptmaps: Return basic information of a conceptmaps object

unify.concepts: Unifying the concepts of a conceptmap object.

write.tgf: Saving a concept map to a TGF file

write.tgf.folder: Saving a set of concept maps to TGF files


analyze.graph.measures Man page
analyze.graph.measures.conceptmap Man page
analyze.graph.measures.igraph Man page
analyze.similarity Man page
analyze.subgraphs Man page
as.matrix.conceptmap Man page
as.matrix.conceptmaps Man page
clustering Man page
comato Man page
comato-package Man page
conceptmap Man page
conceptmap.default Man page
conceptmap.igraph Man page
conceptmap.matrix Man page
conceptmaps Man page
conceptmaps.default Man page
conceptmaps.list Man page
conceptmaps.matrix Man page
concept.vector Man page
edge.vector Man page
get.unified.concepts Man page
Hopkins.index Man page
landscape Man page
MBM.cluster Man page
merge.conceptmaps Man page
modify.concepts Man page
modify.concepts.conceptmap Man page
modify.concepts.conceptmaps Man page
PAM.cluster Man page
pathfinder Man page
pathfinder.conceptmaps Man page
pathfinder.igraph Man page
pathfinder.matrix Man page
plot.conceptmap Man page
plot.conceptmaps Man page
print.conceptmap Man page
print.conceptmaps Man page
read.folder.tgf Man page
read.folder.yEd Man page
read.tgf Man page
read.yEd Man page
splice Man page
summary.conceptmap Man page
summary.conceptmaps Man page
unify.concepts Man page
write.tgf Man page
write.tgf.folder Man page


comato/man/MBM.cluster.Rd comato/man/read.folder.tgf.Rd comato/man/unify.concepts.Rd comato/man/print.conceptmap.Rd comato/man/conceptmaps.Rd comato/man/conceptmap.Rd comato/man/summary.conceptmaps.Rd comato/man/splice.Rd comato/man/conceptmap.default.Rd comato/man/Hopkins.index.Rd comato/man/conceptmaps.matrix.Rd comato/man/plot.conceptmaps.Rd comato/man/pathfinder.igraph.Rd comato/man/pathfinder.matrix.Rd comato/man/pathfinder.Rd comato/man/summary.conceptmap.Rd comato/man/comato-package.Rd comato/man/merge.conceptmaps.Rd comato/man/as.matrix.conceptmaps.Rd comato/man/analyze.graph.measures.Rd comato/man/get.unified.concepts.Rd comato/man/modify.concepts.Rd comato/man/write.tgf.Rd comato/man/clustering.Rd comato/man/conceptmap.igraph.Rd comato/man/read.tgf.Rd comato/man/write.tgf.folder.Rd comato/man/read.yEd.Rd comato/man/as.matrix.conceptmap.Rd comato/man/pathfinder.conceptmaps.Rd comato/man/read.folder.yEd.Rd comato/man/analyze.graph.measures.conceptmap.Rd comato/man/analyze.similarity.Rd comato/man/PAM.cluster.Rd comato/man/conceptmaps.list.Rd comato/man/edge.vector.Rd comato/man/print.conceptmaps.Rd comato/man/landscape.Rd comato/man/conceptmap.matrix.Rd comato/man/conceptmaps.default.Rd comato/man/modify.concepts.conceptmap.Rd comato/man/analyze.graph.measures.igraph.Rd comato/man/modify.concepts.conceptmaps.Rd comato/man/analyze.subgraphs.Rd comato/man/plot.conceptmap.Rd comato/man/concept.vector.Rd

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