Man pages for crso
Cancer Rule Set Optimization ('crso')

buildRuleLibraryMake full rule library of all rules that satisfy minimum...
evaluateListOfIMsEvaluate list of rule set matrices
getBestRsListGet list of best rule sets of size K for all K
getCoreKDetermine core K from phase 3 tpl and til
getCoreRSGet core rules from phase 3 tpl and til
getGCDsGet Generalized Core Duos
getGCEsGet Generalized Core Events
getGCRsGet Generalized Core Rules
getPoolSizesGet pool sizes for phase 2
getRulesAsStringsRepresent binary rule matrix as strings
makeFilteredImListMake filtered im list from phase 3 im list
makePhaseOneOrderedRMOrder rules according to phase one importance ranking
makePhaseThreeImListMake phase 3 im list from phase 2 im list
makePhaseTwoImListOutput list of top rule sets for each k in 1:k.max
makeSubCoreListGet list of core rules from random subsets of samples
skcm.listExample data set derived from TCGA skin cutaneous melanoma...
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