Man pages for ctmm
Continuous-Time Movement Modeling

akdeCalculate an autocorrelated kernel density estimate
as.telemetryImport, coerce, summarize, and combine MoveBank data
bandwidthCalculate the optimal bandwidth matrix of movement data
buffaloAfrican buffalo GPS dataset from Kruger National Park, South...
clusterClustering of movement-model parameters
coatiCoatis on Barro Colorado Island, Panama.
colorColor telemetry objects by time
ctmm.bootParametric bootstrap continuous-time movement models
ctmm-FAQctmm FAQ
ctmm.fitSpecify, fit, and select continuous-time movement models
ctmm-packageContinuous-time movement modeling
distanceCalculate the square distance between two stationary...
emulate.ctmmDraw a random model-fit from the sampling distribution
encounterCalculate the conditional location distribution of ecounters
exportExport ctmm data formats
gazelleMongolian gazelle GPS dataset from the Mongolia's Eastern...
homerangeCalculate a range distribution estimate
jaguarJaguar data from the Jaguar movement database.
meanAverage autocorrelated kernel density estimates
mean.variogramCompute a number-weighted average of variogram objects
metaMeta-analysis of movement-model parameters
occurrenceCalculate a Kriged occurrence distribution estimate
optimizerMinimize a function
outlieMethods to facilitate outlier detection.
overlapCalculate the overlap between two stationary distributions
pelicanBrown Pelican GPS and ARGOS data.
periodogramCalculate the Lomb-Scargle periodogram of animal-tracking...
plot.telemetryPlotting methods for telemetry objects.
plot.variogramPlotting methods for variogram objects.
residualsCalculate model fit residuals and assess their...
selectSpatial selection methods for telemetry objects.
simulate.ctmmPredict or simulate from a continuous-time movement model
speedEstimate the average speed of a tracked animal
summary.ctmmSummarize a continuous-time movement model
summary.UDSummarize a range distribution
turtleWood turtle GPS and calibration dataset from Working Land and...
uereEstimate RMS UERE from calibration data
unitConvert dimensionful quantities to and from SI units
variogramCalculate an empirical variogram from movement data
variogram.fitVisually fit a movement model to a variogram
videoVideo record animated telemetry objects.
wolfManed wolf GPS dataset from The Maned Wolf Conservation...
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