prdframe: Prediction frame

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A prediction frame is used to store a model prediction in a matrix. The columns of the matrix are "time" and one column per state. The prediction frame has attributes "deriv", the matrix of sensitivities with respect to "outer parameters" (see P), an attribute "sensitivities", the matrix of sensitivities with respect to the "inner parameters" (the model parameters, left-hand-side of the parameter transformation) and an attributes "parameters", the parameter vector of inner parameters to produce the prediction frame.

Prediction frames are usually the constituents of prediction lists (prdlist). They are produced by Xs, Xd or Xf. When you define your own prediction functions, see P2X in prdfn, the result should be returned as a prediction frame.


prdframe(prediction = NULL, deriv = NULL, sensitivities = NULL,
  parameters = NULL)



matrix of model prediction


matrix of sensitivities wrt outer parameters


matrix of sensitivitie wrt inner parameters


names of the outer paramters


Object of class prdframe, i.e. a matrix with other matrices and vectors as attributes.

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