dave: Functions for "Data Analysis in Vegetation Ecology"

A collection of functions accompanying the book "Data Analysis in Vegetation Ecology", Second edition. 2013, Wiley-Blackwell, Chichester

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AuthorOtto Wildi
Date of publication2014-08-05 07:49:55
MaintainerOtto Wildi <otto.wildi@wsl.ch>
LicenseLGPL (>= 2.0)

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Man pages

aocc: Analysis of concentration (AOC)

ccost: Cost function of 2 alternative classifications of rows in...

centroid: Centroids of row groups (vegetation releves)

dave-package: Data Analysis in Vegetation Ecology

davesil: Modified version of silhouette plotting

dircor: Directional mantel correlation

EKs: Swiss forest vegetation data base 1972, site information

EKv: Swiss forest vegetation data base 1972, vegetation...

fitmarkov: Approximating a Markov chain

fspa: Flexible shortest path adjustment

ltim: Lippe et al. 1985 data set, yr of observation

lveg: Lippe et al. 1985 data set, vegetation data

Mtabs: Structuring vegetation data tables

mveg: Ellenberg's 1956 meadow data

mxplot: Matrixplot of groups similarities

nsit: European beach forest data, site factors

nveg: European beach forest data, vegetation

orank: Ranking by orthogonal components (RANK)

outlier: Outlier detection

overly: Overly of multivariate time series

pcaser: Connecting time series in ordinations

pcobiplot: Computing and plotting a biplot ordination using principal...

pcovar: Plotting 6 variants of principal coordinates analysis

psit: Time scale (yr) for Soppensee pollen data

pveg: Soppensee pollen data

sn59sit: Time series from the Swiss National Park, 59 plots. Site...

sn59veg: Time series from the Swiss National Park, 59 plots....

sn6sit: Time series from the Swiss National Park, 6 plots. Site data.

sn6veg: Time series from the Swiss National Park, 6 plots. Vegetation...

SNPsm: The spatial and temporal model of succession in the Swiss...

SNPtm: The temporal model of succession in the Swiss National Park

speedprof: Plotting velocity profiles of multivariate time series

srank: Ranking species by IndVal or F-value

ssind: Indicator values of all species in data set "sveg"

ssit: Schlaenggli site data

sspft: Selected plant functional traits of all species in data set...

sveg: Schlaenggli vegetation data

tsit: Time series from the Swiss National Park, Plot Tr6. Site...

tveg: Time series from the Swiss National Park, Plot Tr6....

vvelocity: Printing ordinations of velocity and acceleration and...

wetsit: Random sample of Swiss wetland vegetation, site information.

wetveg: Random sample of Swiss wetland vegetation, vegetation...

ws200: Four kilometre grid forest data of Switzerland, 200m2 plots

ws30: Four kilometre grid forest data of Switzerland, 30m2 plots

ws500: Four kilometre grid forest data of Switzerland, 500m2 plots

wssit: Four kilometre grid forest data of Switzerland, site...


aoc Man page
aocc Man page
aocc.default Man page
ccost Man page
ccost2 Man page
ccost.default Man page
centroid Man page
centroid.default Man page
dave Man page
davesil Man page
davesil.default Man page
dircor Man page
dircor2 Man page
dircor.default Man page
dsil Man page
EKs Man page
EKv Man page
fitmarkov Man page
fitmarkov.default Man page
fspa Man page
fspa2 Man page
fspa.default Man page
ltim Man page
lveg Man page
matrixplot Man page
mtab Man page
Mtabs Man page
Mtabs.default Man page
mveg Man page
mxplot Man page
mxplot.default Man page
nsit Man page
nveg Man page
orank Man page
orank1 Man page
orank.default Man page
outlier Man page
outlier.default Man page
outly Man page
overly Man page
overly2 Man page
overly.default Man page
pcaser Man page
pcaser2 Man page
pcaser.default Man page
pcoatest Man page
pcobiplot Man page
pcobiplot.default Man page
pcocoor Man page
pcovar Man page
pcovar.default Man page
plot.aocc Man page
plot.davesil Man page
plot.dircor Man page
plot.fitmarkov Man page
plot.fspa Man page
plot.Mtabs Man page
plot.mxplot Man page
plot.orank Man page
plot.outlier Man page
plot.overly Man page
plot.pcaser Man page
plot.pcobiplot Man page
plot.pcovar Man page
plot.SNPsm Man page
plot.SNPtm Man page
plot.speedprof Man page
plottab Man page
plottabl Man page
plot.vvelocity Man page
print.ccost Man page
print.centroid Man page
print.outlier Man page
print.srank Man page
psit Man page
pveg Man page
rcentroid Man page
rfitmarkov Man page
setgroupsize Man page
sn59sit Man page
sn59veg Man page
sn6sit Man page
sn6veg Man page
SNPsm Man page
SNPsm2 Man page
SNPsm.default Man page
SNPtm Man page
SNPtm2 Man page
SNPtm.default Man page
speedprof Man page
speedprof2 Man page
speedprof.default Man page
srank Man page
srank2 Man page
srank.default Man page
ssind Man page
ssit Man page
sspft Man page
summary.Mtabs Man page
summary.orank Man page
sveg Man page
tsit Man page
tveg Man page
vvelocity Man page
vvelocity2 Man page
vvelocity.default Man page
wetsit Man page
wetveg Man page
ws200 Man page
ws30 Man page
ws500 Man page
wssit Man page


R/pcovar.R R/plot.overly.R R/SNPtm2.R R/dircor.R R/plot.SNPsm.R R/fspa2.R R/plot.vvelocity.R R/mxplot.R R/plot.SNPtm.R R/vvelocity.R R/fspa.R R/outlier.R R/orank.R R/plot.speedprof.R R/plot.aocc.R R/ccost.R R/summary.Mtabs.R R/SNPsm.R R/pcobiplot.R R/centroid.default.R R/setgroupsize.R R/rfitmarkov.R R/SNPtm.default.R R/plot.outlier.R R/pcoatest.R R/srank2.R R/plot.dircor.R R/SNPtm.R R/Mtabs.default.R R/pcaser.R R/plot.mxplot.R R/mtab.R R/SNPsm.default.R R/vvelocity.default.R R/ccost.default.R R/plot.pcobiplot.R R/plot.orank.R R/plot.fitmarkov.R R/davesil.R R/fitmarkov.R R/speedprof2.R R/rcentroid.R R/dircor2.R R/orank.default.R R/pcocoor.R R/davesil.default.R R/plot.davesil.R R/pcovar.default.R R/plot.fspa.R R/plot.pcaser.R R/ccost2.R R/print.ccost.R R/matrixplot.R R/fitmarkov.default.R R/pcaser2.R R/aoc.R R/srank.R R/Mtabs.R R/aocc.R R/summary.orank.R R/mxplot.default.R R/dircor.default.R R/speedprof.R R/centroid.R R/outlier.default.R R/pcaser.default.R R/overly.default.R R/srank.default.R R/speedprof.default.R R/plottab.R R/fspa.default.R R/orank1.R R/outly.R R/aocc.default.R R/print.outlier.R R/SNPsm2.R R/dsil.R R/overly2.R R/plot.Mtabs.R R/plottabl.R R/pcobiplot.default.R R/vvelocity2.R R/plot.pcovar.R R/print.srank.R R/overly.R R/print.centroid.R
man/pcobiplot.Rd man/wetsit.Rd man/orank.Rd man/mveg.Rd man/sn59veg.Rd man/srank.Rd man/ws30.Rd man/aocc.Rd man/SNPsm.Rd man/ltim.Rd man/fspa.Rd man/sveg.Rd man/sn6veg.Rd man/vvelocity.Rd man/EKs.Rd man/lveg.Rd man/ssit.Rd man/wetveg.Rd man/ccost.Rd man/psit.Rd man/ws500.Rd man/Mtabs.Rd man/outlier.Rd man/speedprof.Rd man/nveg.Rd man/sn6sit.Rd man/SNPtm.Rd man/ws200.Rd man/overly.Rd man/tveg.Rd man/ssind.Rd man/tsit.Rd man/mxplot.Rd man/davesil.Rd man/dircor.Rd man/pcovar.Rd man/pveg.Rd man/wssit.Rd man/pcaser.Rd man/dave-package.Rd man/EKv.Rd man/sspft.Rd man/centroid.Rd man/nsit.Rd man/sn59sit.Rd man/fitmarkov.Rd

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